Glazer family unlikely to sell Manchester United

Manchester United v Liverpool - Premier League
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Fans of Manchester United never wanted the Glazers to buy the team. They did anyway.

Now, the fans of the team have seized on the Super League fiasco to push for the Glazers to sell. They won’t sell.

Via Mark Ogden of, the Glazers (who also own the Buccaneers) are “unfazed by the hostility” that emerged on Sunday, when fans invaded Old Trafford and stormed the pitch, forcing postponement of a match against Liverpool.

Ogden reports that the Glazers are “unlikely to sell due to the prestige they place on being owners.” As a result, future protests and disruptions could happen again.

The broader question is whether the dynamic will spread to other teams, other sports, and/or other countries. American fans show their disgust with their favorite teams either by not attending games or by showing up wearing paper bags or holding signs with snarky slogans. The closest any NFL fan base has come in recent decades to a revolt happened in 2005, when a “Millen Man March” happened outside Ford Field to protest the ongoing employment of G.M. Matt Millen.

For American sports teams, the situation with Manchester United bears watching. If more protests happen — and if they ever work — a new tool could become available to fans who may not be able to fire the owner, but who possibly could force him to quit.

5 responses to “Glazer family unlikely to sell Manchester United

  1. No owner(s) of any sport team are well liked. If the Manchester fans truly want to do something then stop buying tickets, don’t watch them on TV and support another team, but they keep buying tickets and providing income to the owner(s). The “fans” that stormed the field should be arrested and tried for trespassing and vandalism along with the FA, UEFA and FIFA banning them for life for any soccer event. If they don’t like the ticket price then don’t buy them, and there can only be one winning team per year so learn to accept when your team loses.

  2. Some Manchester United fans have shown themselves to be the louts they really are. I thought the Brits had made great inroads in ridding the country of soccer hooligans but apparently not. Those fans need to face facts, what they want doesn’t matter. They aren’t the ones paying the ridiculously high salaries of ManU players. WEEKLY salaries: De Gea £375,000, Pogba £290,000, and Amad Diallo the lowest paid ManU player £20,000. And here I though NBA players were overpaid prima donnas. 🙄🙄🙄🙄 This “story” is a lot more valid than the ridiculous reactions to Brit teams wanting to create a Super League. I love Rebecca and her on-air buddies but they’re typical media…..stoking the fires to get a story.

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