Matt LaFleur told Kyle Shanahan he was wasting his time asking about Aaron Rodgers

Minnesota Vikings v Green Bay Packers
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General Manager John Lynch admitted Thursday the 49ers reached out to the Packers about Aaron Rodgers. Why wouldn’t they? Rodgers is a three-time league MVP.

49ers coach Kyle Shanahan joined The Rich Eisen Show on Monday and added details about the team’s interest in Rodgers before taking Trey Lance with the third overall choice.

“Yeah, the exact truth is I don’t want to wake up the next day on Friday and see Aaron Rodgers, one of the best quarterbacks in this league, traded without doing any due diligence on him,” Shanahan told Eisen. “So, I just called [Packers coach] Matt [LaFleur]and asked him if there was anything to it, and Matt told me I’d be wasting my time if we had Lynch call, so Lynch did not call anyone the next day. But, yes, I did reach to Matt the night before and asked him, ‘Hey, man, I don’t want to wake up the next day and see that Aaron was traded for something, and I didn’t even at least look into it.’ That’s what I did with Matt. He gave me a very quick answer. . . . That worked out I guess. We were happy to get our guy, and hopefully it’ll work out for them.”

LaFleur said publicly during the draft the Packers have no intentions of trading the star quarterback and want him back. Both sides seem to have their heels dug in, so who knows where it goes from here.

For now, Rodgers is a Packer. If/when the team puts him on the market, many teams will have interest. The 49ers, though, might have taken themselves out of the running after using the high pick on Lance.

30 responses to “Matt LaFleur told Kyle Shanahan he was wasting his time asking about Aaron Rodgers

  1. Wanting your MVP QB back doesn’t seems like “heels dug in” to me.

  2. We say Lafleur wasting his time trying to retain Rodgers. It’s obviously Rodgers doesn’t want to play for him.

  3. Rodgers obviously plays for the name on the back of the jersey. So much for loyalty.

  4. Packers brass is acting like that meme where the kitchen is on fire but “everything is fine”.

  5. The longer this goes on the more I don’t care if Rodgers returns. Favre learned nobody is bigger than the team. If anybody should know that, it’s Rodgers.

  6. Rodgers has done a great job hiding how dysfunctional things are in Green Bay.

    How exactly is this organization run? Who’s at the top? Who’s responsible for what?

  7. The new curse of NFL teams is having to fork over money to QB’s whose rookie contracts are running out and who outplayed their contract.

  8. I have to say a a lifelong Viking I would hate to see Aaron Rogers leave because you always want to beat somebody (a team) at their best-that way they have no excuses. However what a wonderful way to stick it to those arrogant, classless, tasteless Packer fans-“Aaron wants out of Green Bay”!!!!

  9. If it wasn’t for Favre and Rodgers the packers would have been forced to relocate years ago. Their only claim to fame before then was to finish first in a 8 team league and be crowned champion.

  10. There is no reason for any player to be more loyal to his team thanthe team is loyalto the players.

    THe truth is that there is no loyalty. Any team will cut any player if they think that he can be replaced with someone as good or better….for less money

  11. Maybe if he talked to Aaron about the possibility of going back home to finish his career we wouldn’t be here. But the packer management has messed up. Not talking to him about drafting his replacement or after 16 years of faithful service give the man some respect, and talk about a trade to SF. Green Bay has quickly become the most embarrassing NFL franchise operating today.

  12. Post June 1st designation and a trade for someones 1st round picks in 2022, 2023, and 2024. That’ll give the Packers double 1’s for three straight years.

    Shame will be that post-Rodgers, I bet the Pack’s first 1st round pick is a stud WR.

  13. This could have been handled better by both sides. That being said, it seems this relationship is beyond repair.

  14. Just one simple question: Did Aaron Rodgers draft a QB in the first round last year, or was it the Packers? If the answer is the Packers, then they want Rodgers out, but they’re not willing to take the publicity hit that goes with that, so they’re manipulating us into thinking Rodgers is being the bad guy. We’re way too smart to fall for that, right? I mean, it’s like your spouse enters into a relationship with another person, while you’re still married. Then they try to make you look like the bad one for wanting out. I guess the Packers wouldn’t even try such foolishness if they didn’t think we’d fall for it. Boy, they don’t show a whole of of respect for the intelligence of the average football fan. One more question: Are they right?

  15. Rodgers will be traded on June 2 – book it. You cannot treat your QB like a hostage and expect him to perform at the highest level. Although the Packers brass is as dumb as a bag of hammers, even they can figure this one out. Their only other choice is to sign him to a new deal with a ton of guaranteed money, which they won’t do.

  16. I will laugh at LaFleur if Rodgers sits out the 2021 season and he might do it.

  17. LaFleur, Lynch, and Shanahan all talk too much. They should all pay heed to the old axiom about loose lips sinking ships.

  18. Unless you are the Broncos or the Raiders….you are totally wasting your time

  19. jojomogir says:
    May 3, 2021 at 9:40 pm
    Rodgers will be traded on June 2 – book it. You cannot treat your QB like a hostage and expect him to perform at the highest level.


    Sounds a little dramatic….

  20. bestpackerfanever says:
    May 3, 2021 at 6:15 pm

    Green Bay has quickly become the most embarrassing NFL franchise operating today.


    Um… Houston on Line 1

  21. You’ve got to wonder how Rodgers would take to a new team. He seems to want to keep playing for quite some time (else why would he be this upset about the Packers drafting Love?) but any new team would be in it hoping for a quick championship and would totally be view him as a means to that end and not as a “forever” QB who they’d happily keep paying for as long as he wanted to stick around.

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