Thursday night games will move to Amazon exclusively in 2022, not 2023

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When the NFL announced new broadcasting deals earlier this year, one of the deal points was that Thursday night games would be exclusive to Amazon Prime Video in 2023.

That timeline has sped up by a year. The league announced on Monday that the 2021 season will be the final one with NFL Network and FOX splitting the rights to Thursday games and that Amazon, which currently simulcasts those games, will take over in 2022.

With the change, the league will see a bigger bump in revenue next year.

The only exception to Amazon’s exclusive rights to show Thursday games will be in the home markets of the teams on the field. There will still be a broadcast on television in those markets.

10 responses to “Thursday night games will move to Amazon exclusively in 2022, not 2023

  1. So sick of the NFL abusing its fan base…. luckily I’m old so I won’t have to put up with much longer.

  2. Great now give Amazon NFL Sunday Ticket and RedZone because DirecTV does not know how to manage the products.

  3. Since this is now pay per view are there no commercials? Watching the draft and having a commercial every five minutes (NFL network) made it unwatchable, but we should get use to a commercial after every other play with the new money the networks are forking out for the new tv contracts.

  4. Well if I have to pay amazon to watch Thursday night games, I guess I won’t be watching them any longer.

  5. Well I guess they lose me then I don’t have that crap site. Unless it’s free i won’t be getting Amazon to watch games on thursdays.

  6. Oh brother people, we’re talking what…99 dollars a YEAR for a prime membership. How many tens of millions of people have Amazon prime anyway to get stuff delivered to their house. This is so not a big deal but alas there will always be people that won’t be happy

  7. If you were looking to shot yourselves in the foot ratings-wise, job well-done.

  8. Your local teams games will still be broadcast on a local station for the games Amazon has the rights to.

    I don’t like the Amazon deal either, but 10 years from now cable TV will be completely obsolete so I would suggest to keep up with times and get out more.

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