Alfredo Gutierrez allocated to 49ers, Max Pircher allocated to Rams

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The NFL announced allocations of players to NFC West teams as part of the International Player Pathway Program on Tuesday.

Under the program, players from outside the United States get a chance to develop their skills with NFL teams that have roster exemptions for them through the end of training camp. During the season, teams can use a practice squad exemption to keep the players around.

As previously noted, the Cardinals were allocated tight end Bernhard Seikovits and Seahawks will have linebacker Aaron Donkor with them this offseason. Offensive lineman Alfredo Gutierrez will be with the 49ers and offensive lineman Max Pircher will join the Rams.

Gutierrez was born in Mexico and went to junior college in the U.S. before going to Tec de Monterrey, which won a national title in Mexico. Pircher is Italian and played teams in Austria and Germany in addition to the national team.

2 responses to “Alfredo Gutierrez allocated to 49ers, Max Pircher allocated to Rams

  1. Very interesting program id not heard of. It’s a great marketing angle. A guy let’s pick Germany is a fan of the NFL thinks if I put my athletic skills to that not soccer, rugby, etc I could make it! It gives that random guy a chance to work at home his friends will cheer for him and at the end he’ll End up being an NFL lifetime fan in a far away place. It’s a winner winner on all sides. Great program whomever designed this!

  2. Pircher is 6′ 7″ and weighs 300 lbs! Criminy! I’m surprised his name isn’t Mongo.

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