Cal McNair has nothing to add on Deshaun Watson

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Texans owner Cal McNair spoke for the first time since his team added a new quarterback in the third round of the draft. The move comes at a time when the Texans still have quarterback Deshaun Watson under contract.

“I really don’t have anything new,” McNair said regarding Watson, via John McClain of the Houston Chronicle. “There’s ongoing investigations, and we really can’t comment until they run their course.”

Specifically, there are 22 civil lawsuits pending against Watson. Several of the women who claim misconduct during massages with Watson have spoken to the Houston Police Department. Also, the NFL is investigating Watson under the Personal Conduct Policy.

The Texans have completed the contingency-plan trifecta when it comes to Watson’s uncertain status. After signing veteran Tyrod Taylor and trading for Ryan Finley, they have drafted Davis Mills.

“They see a prototypical-type quarterback that has a big arm,” McNair said of Mills. “They’re excited to get him in here and work with him. Like all the positions, they were looking for guys that can come in and contribute, and they think he can do that.”

Watson likely won’t be able to contribute to anyone while the litigation is pending. Some believe that, unless the cases are resolved, Watson will land on paid leave. If that’s indeed coming, it makes it more likely that Watson will report for training camp. Then, if he’s on the Commissioner Exempt list, he’ll get his full salary from the Texans.

Meanwhile, the lawyers handling the Watson cases have remained silent for well over a week. This invites speculation that they are working to resolve the cases, which would pave the way for a potential trade.

7 responses to “Cal McNair has nothing to add on Deshaun Watson

  1. Didn’t Deshawn state unequivocally that he would never again play for the Texans?

  2. If Goodell puts Watson on the Exempt List, then the Texans will basically be financing his legal defen$e against the 22 sexual assault/misconduct lawsuits.

    If Watson is not on the Exempt List when he does not show up for contractually obligated team activities, the CBA triggers fines, non-payments, and even potential clawbacks of bonus money. He’d be financing his own legal defen$e.

  3. The one aspect of this situation that sticks out to me is the fact the police investigation is still going on, and it wasn’t dismissed as quickly as some people thought it would be. If this was simply a money grab by a shady lawyer then how come the Houston Police department hasn’t already come out and said there’s nothing to see here, and he’s being wrongly accused? His lawyer has already admitted he’s had sexual relations with massage therapists, so he’s opened himself up to scrutiny by admitting that he’s engaged in sexual conduct during these massage sessions

  4. Trade? How does anyone know he won’t continue on, business as usual?

  5. Criminal lawsuits equal crimes potentially committed.

    Civil lawsuits equal money grabs one way or another.

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