George Paton: Broncos RBs as good as any group in the league

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The Broncos jumped up the draft board early in the second round last Friday so they could select former North Carolina running back Javonte Williams with the 35th overall pick.

Williams joined Najee Harris and Travis Etienne at the top of most lists of the best running back prospects in this year’s draft after averaging 7.3 yards per carry and running for 19 touchdowns during his final college season. His selection comes after the Broncos let Phillip Lindsay leave as a free agent and signed former Viking Mike Boone.

Melvin Gordon remains on the depth chart and General Manager George Paton explained why he thinks Williams’ addition makes the trio match up favorably to just about every other group in the league.

“He’s a three-down back. He’s really powerful. He has speed to take it the distance,” Paton said, via Mike Klis of KUSA. “The thing about him, he’s really hard to tackle. If you watch him, you see they have a hard time tackling him because he’s so physical, he’s built low to the ground. He breaks tons of tackles. He’s elusive in the open field. And he can pass protect. And catch the ball out of the backfield. So we feel he’s a three-down back who’s going to add to the room. I’ll keep talking about competition but we wanted more competition in the running back room and with Melvin and Mike Boone and Javonte, I think we have as good a crew as any in the league.”

The Broncos plan to have Teddy Bridgewater and Drew Lock compete for the starting quarterback job, although that could change if the situation in Green Bay changes. Either man would benefit from a potent run game, although defenses are likely going to try to force the ball in the air until the Broncos show they are capable of scoring points that way.

10 responses to “George Paton: Broncos RBs as good as any group in the league

  1. Too bad the running back really doesn’t matter in a passing league.

  2. Well, no. When you sign the Vikings third string guy (some say 4th string), you aren’t nearly in that teams class of RB’s. And it wouldn’t be hard to name another 5-6 teams for sure. Top 10? I’m not doing the math.

  3. I love that he just completely neglects Royce Freeman in this statement.

    Freeman sucks… but it’s still a slap in the face from the new GM to forget him.

  4. I do not think most teams would want to trade their top 2 RB’s for Melvin Gordon and the 3rd rookie RB drafted.

  5. Winning teams don’t draft RBs in the first round.
    And they draft QBs or trade down too.

  6. Drafting Williams really screwed Mike Boone, who signed with Denver to compete for a starting gig. Taking Williams, and with Gordon still on the roster, leaves Boone- who is a very good running back – still at 3rd string.

  7. Running Backs are only as good as their line and run scheme. Even a freaky superior talent like Saquon, McCafrey or Gurley are only so impactful when they aren’t in the perfect position to succeed. Take the Ravens for example last 2 years have had historic rushing totals and if you look at their duo in Dobbins/Gus Edwards I don’t think anyone has them in their top 10 RB duo’s yet they produce at a greater level than these RB’s taken in round 1.

  8. Williams is locked in to be the starter next year after Gordon’s contract is up. Boone will be 2nd. Freeman might as well start packing when the GM doesn’t even count you as part of the RB room.

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