Howie Roseman: DeVonta Smith is somebody I think our fans are going to love

2021 NFL Draft
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The Eagles traded up to select wide receiver Devonta Smith, giving the club a key offensive weapon for new head coach Nick Sirianni and quarterback Jalen Hurts.

During a Tuesday radio interview on 94WIP, Philadelphia General Manager Howie Roseman touted Smith’s skill and the way he stood out among Alabama’s wide receivers.

“Obviously, DeVonta is a big-time player for us,” Roseman said. “So, we were going to get this guy and make sure he got on our football team. We’ve got an offensive coach here. We think this guy is a difference maker.”

Roseman went on to note there’s plenty to love about Smith as a player, including his work ethic, route running, hands, and speed.

“[Alabama] had four first round picks at wide receiver on their team in 2019 and you look at the guy who has got the most targets on that team, it’s DeVonta Smith,” Roseman said. “The ball finds DeVonta Smith. You get to a situation where it’s third down, it’s a big play in the game, and the quarterbacks are looking for DeVonta Smith. Elite route runner, this guy is just an adult. He’s just somebody I think our fans are going to love. I picture a lot of [No.] 6 jerseys in our stands in the fall and for years to come.”

Smith won the Heisman Trophy in his final season at Alabama, recording 117 catches for 1,856 yards with 23 touchdowns in 2020. Smith, Jaylen Waddle, Henry Ruggs, and Jerry Jeudy have all been selected in the first round out of Alabama in the last two years.

9 responses to “Howie Roseman: DeVonta Smith is somebody I think our fans are going to love

  1. Are the people of Philadelphia actually capable of the emotion “love”?

  2. D-Jax, Todd Pinkston, the Eagles definitely have a penchant for rail thin receivers. No question Devonta is an incredible route runner and super smooth but we will have to see how he holds up in the NFL. Also keep in mind with Jalen at QB and a questionable line this doesn’t seem like an offense that is going to have a ton of long developing intricate route tree’s. They probably will be throwing a ton of bubble screens and asking their receivers to get YAC which is why if the Eagles had their choice I’m sure they preferred Chase and Waddle. I wish Devonta would have landed in more of an open air raid type offense where he could really use his route running.

  3. Bossman Fat (Kelvin Joseph) held Smith to zero catches and had an INT against him… No other corner in college football shut Smith down like that. It’ll be fun to see those two battle twice a year with Bossman Fat being in Dallas.

  4. One more time the Eagles screw the Jints. More and more it seems personal. End of the season, purposely lose so that Giants don’t make it to the playoff and now trade with their other NFC east 2 times a season contender to get the player Giants were going to get. I hope Eagles destroy Dallas with Smith and prevent them from going to the playoffs. Then again, they’d only do that to Giants and purposely pull out Smith so the wouldn’t do that to payback the favor. Eagles have no integrity which is why all their players were so upset after the lost to Redskins. Yeah, you’re right, I’m sore! Always rooted for all teams in NFL, never disliked anytime(well, maybe disliked Pats and Cowboys a little 🙂 ) but Eagles will be in top of my hate list going forward.

  5. Who is this Devonta Smith guy? I thought they drafted Devonta Davis. – Mike Golic

  6. If Howie had drafted DK Metcalf and Justin Jefferson instead of JJ arcega whiteside and jaelon Reagor we’re not even having this conversation. Why should anyone believe he’s gotten it right this time and why should anyone celebrate the move when it’s needed because of his aforementioned track record?

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