Manchester United fans plan more demonstrations against the Glazer family

Manchester United v Liverpool - Premier League
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For as well as things are going for the football team owned by the Glazers, things currently aren’t going smoothly for the soccer club they own — for reasons unrelated to the quality of the players.

And it apparently won’t be ending. According to the London Times (via Sports Business Daily), fans who stormed Old Stafford on Sunday and forced the postponement of a match against Liverpool intend to launch further attacks, with planning already underway.

Targets include the next home game, on May 12 against Leicester City, and the date on which Sunday’s scrapped Liverpool game will be played.

The Manchester United Supporters’ Trust published an open letter that accuses the Glazer family of “‘driving United into debt and decline,'” and demanding that fans receive a greater say in decisions made about the team. They want a response by Friday.

It remains to be seen whether any of this will work and, if it does, whether other fans of other teams in other countries will try to do the same thing. Usually, economic pressure is the only way to hold an owner accountable. The Manchester United fans are taking it to a new level, and owners of NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB teams should be paying attention and taking notes.

12 responses to “Manchester United fans plan more demonstrations against the Glazer family

  1. They should really be pointing their blame at FIFA if you want to protest something worth protesting. They are just as bad as the NCAA.

    The Super League was a great way to get out of the FIFA umbrella and I am unsure why these fans are so ticked off at that? FIFA is as corrupt as can be.

  2. hahahahaha – a bunch of soccer fans wanting a say into how the team operates – go pound sand

  3. Yeah, I would pull a Dennis Feinstein from parks and rec and laugh at them. This would set a horrible precedent, 0 percent chance he sells the team just based on that.

  4. The “beautiful” game has ugly fans. Actually, the game is not beautiful. It’s a mess. I watched the last 15 minutes of the Arsenal v. Villerreal match the other night. I saw so much flopping and they have gotten so good at it, the refs have to spend all their time figuring out what is what.

    The game is a mess. The structure of UEFA is ridiculous and it is as bad as the NCAA. You can blame American owners, but they know how successful leagues work. If the fans want this hot mess, let them have it.

  5. Many Man U fans also stormed Old Trafford on Sunday. Not sure where “Old Stafford” stadium is….

  6. People besides 8 year old boys and girls really care that much about soccer they would waste their time protesting? Wow.

  7. Bizarre to me how caught off guard all these owners were about this. They seemed to actually have convinced themselves nobody would care. Real Madrid’s owner is one of the few who seems to have actually anticipated some pushback and was prepared to stick to his guns. All these other guys bailed at the first sign of complaints and seem utterly clueless.

  8. If fan “demonstrations” actually worked you would have a new owner in Washington. Fortunately, they don’t work.

  9. The Glazer’s acquisition of Manchester United was a bit of corporate buccaneering (pun intended). Some years ago the board of the team convinced themselves a corporate ownership structure as a publicly traded company would lead to more revenue and continued on-field success. So they floated the company as publicly traded. Unlike with the Packers or German soccer, there was no limit on how much one person could own. So the Glazers secretly bought more than 50% of the team and forced the other shareholders out, taking the team private. That wouldn’t be possible under US law where 10% ownership requires disclosure but the UK has some odd laws.

    The easy remedy for the fans is to convince Parliament to pass a law forcing the Glazers out. Given the quickness with which the politicians moved over the Super League, that seems possible. The foreign owners of Manchester City pour money into the team. The foreign owners of Manchester United extract money from the team and city. The Glazers pay themselves “management fees” rather than dividends so they can expense them. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are paid to a pass-through entity and show up on their US taxes as dividends. A thorough financial investigation would probably find some improprieties.

    NFL fans are used to teams being sold to someone with the approval of the other owners, ie the league. Nothing of that sort happened here, the Glazers simply bought shares on the stock market.

  10. Not a lot of people out there that can afford to buy them out. Are the protestors taking up a collection?

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