Ron Rivera: Washington had QBs of interest in draft but they went early

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The Washington Football Team had scenarios in mind to where they would have come out of last weekend’s NFL Draft with a new quarterback on their roster.

However, those scenarios were scuttled fairly quickly as the quarterbacks they were intrigued by came off the board early.

We like a couple of those young quarterbacks an awful lot, that there was consideration (of trading up),” Rivera said in an interview with Scott Abraham of 7 News DC, via Nicki Jhabvala of the Washington Post. “The thing that always seemed to just kind of make us step back and think about it though was that draft capital we’d have to give up. We were also in position to add players that could help us and help us fill the holes on our roster. So as we kept debating it was always, ‘well, let’s take one more look. Let’s see if he falls again.’ At the right number, it would’ve been something we could have done.”

The decision was ultimately made for them when the guy they were considering came off the board long before they would have considered a move up.

“Then the guy we talked about waiting on ended up getting taken early. So when those two guys left, then we just felt ‘Okay, we’re going to stick with what we’ve got.’ We got a group of young guys, led by Ryan Fitzpatrick, that we think can develop and be guys that can be very good football players for us. And we’re going to see. We’re going to find out.”

Washington selected Kentucky linebacker Jamin Davis with the 19th overall pick. Considering Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson were long expected to go in the first two overall picks, it would seem Washington’s quarterback of interest was likely Trey Lance. But the San Francisaco 49ers selected Lance with the third overall pick taking that option off the table. Justin Fields and Mac Jones remained available into the early teens but didn’t seem to warrant the same interest.

2 responses to “Ron Rivera: Washington had QBs of interest in draft but they went early

  1. Smart move not wasting a pick on a QB. This team’s defense is so overrated that it needed help to cover up the swiss cheese holes that the pundit hype has tried to mask. The fact is the defense gave up far too many times and was merely a speed bump. It was not a force.

    Of course the offense was nothing last year with Haskins-Robbins and the multi-flavored turnover machine and the late arrival of Captain Checkdown and the 2 yard offense. Hopefully Fitz will continue to throw the ball downfield and open up the opposing offense so the running game can improve.

  2. When Mac Jones was on the board at 14, I really thought the Patriots and WFT would get into a bidding war to move up for the pick. I was shocked when the trade came from the Jets. I guess Mac Jones didn’t inspire that many teams.

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