Terry Bradshaw has more things to say about Aaron Rodgers


Terry Bradshaw was trending on Twitter today. Fortunately, it wasn’t because he’d finally done what he’d supposedly done in 2007.

Bradshaw continued his assault against Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers during an appearance on Colin Cowherd’s show.

Among other things, Bradshaw said Rodgers “has probably the worst footwork I’ve ever seen for a starting quarterback.” Frankly, that simply doesn’t matter, if the quarterback is delivering the ball accurately. Patrick Mahomes has bad footwork, too, and he’s already one of the greatest players in league history.

The more intriguing topic came from Bradshaw’s comments about Rodgers’ contract. Bradshaw compared Rodgers’ desire for a new contract to Bradshaw potentially calling FOX and demanding a new deal despite having multiple years left.

That’s a misleading take. Bradshaw has one contract — his deal with FOX. Rodgers (like every player) has two, his individual agreement with the Packers and the broader contract between the NFL and the NFL Players Association. Although Rodgers has three years let on his deal with the Packers, the labor deal gives him rights to apply leverage to the Packers by, for example, not showing up.

Will there be financial consequences? Yes. Does Rodgers have the right to assume those consequences and withhold services? Absolutely.

It was cleaner for Tom Brady to leave New England, because his individual contract had expired and the team didn’t apply the franchise tag. And it would be easier for Rodgers to get out if he hadn’t agreed to a deal that runs through 2023, and that gives the Packers year-to-year flexibility on the back end.

That continues to be the crux of the problem. The Packers want the benefit of the ability to make their decisions about Rodgers one year at a time. Rodgers wants to short circuit that process.

Rodgers isn’t the only one who has done that. Carson Wentz did it in Philadelphia. Matthew Stafford did it in Detroit. Deshaun Watson is in the process of doing it in Houston. And Russell Wilson eventually will do it in Seattle.

The only questions at this point are whether the Packers dig in or do a deal, and whether Rodgers eventually will return to the Packers, acting like the whole thing was exaggerated and/or fabricated.

39 responses to “Terry Bradshaw has more things to say about Aaron Rodgers

  1. The “the team didn’t apply the franchise tag” to Brady because Brady had negotiated a deal the year before that prohibited the Patriots from applying the franchise tag.

    That’s how it’s done.

  2. Rodgers has too many other players on the team that he will be letting down for him to not show up.

  3. I agree with Bradshaw. Keep your mouth shut , report to Camp, have a good 2021 and choke in the playoffs again.

  4. Does ANYONE, I mean ANYONE care what Terry Bradshaw has to say? On any topic… least of all Aaron Rogers footwork (seems to be just fine).

    Geesh! Just go away….

  5. How can you not be carried by your team like I was, Aaron Rodgers? Just go along with it!

  6. Did Aaron Rodgers kill Terry Bradshaw’s brother or something? Because it is starting to feel a bit personal.

  7. Rodgers has ONE contract. Just like Bradshaw. He’s a union employee, but he has one contract.

  8. Look out. Rodgers may demand a trade to Pittsburgh in order to knock Bradshaw down a peg. So much revenge, so little time…

  9. Bradshaw you must have taken the whole bottle of ugly pills the more you talk the more comical you get

  10. This is pure speculation! Who knows besides the Packers and Rodgers exactly what their respective issues are? Nobody knows. Nobody us talking. Pundits are guessing, again. Haters are wishing, hoping, and praying, as always.

  11. Bradshaw is the guy that asked Al Davis To trade for him in 1974 because he got benched, must have got his feelings hurt. So much for keeping your mouth shut and playing out your contract.

  12. have a good 2021 and choke in the playoffs again
    You realize we had to win playoff games to get to the championship game right? In his last playoff game Rodgers had a 103 rating and threw for 3 TD’s. Brady had a 70 rating and 3 int’s. Yet Rodgers choked and Brady is the goat. Funny how that works. Can’t even imagine what you think of ole Mahommes given he didn’t score a point on that same defense.

  13. Mahomes already one of the greatest players in league history???It’s a little early to be proclaiming that.

  14. The fact that Rodgers can make the throws he makes without even setting his feet is now a bad thing? Bradshaw seems awful triggered.

  15. I learned something here: you can be one of the greatest players in league history after 46 games.

    I think Mahomes is great too, but holy hyperbole, Florio.

  16. I would like more of Terry’s opinions to appear in the form of a new Country & Western Album.

  17. Stafford’s situation is different than Rodgers. The Lions had yet another losing season, fired yet another coach and GM. His request to be traded coincided with the new regime wanting to start fresh at QB. The only real surprise was how fast the Lions made a deal with the Rams. Rodger’s situation is probably closer to what Russell Wilson wanted (and didn’t get) in Seattle.

    But the deal that sent Stafford to LA set the bar for the trade price for Watson, Wilson, and Rodgers. If Green Bay were to unload the reigning MVP, I expect they’d want a *lot* more than Detroit got for Stafford. Maybe 1st round draft picks for the rest of the decade plus some other star players. If someone makes that offer, they’d be crazy not to take it.

  18. Actually I have to agree with Terry with most of this. Rodgers agreed to a contract and now doesn’t want to honor it.

  19. Rodgers only cares about himself. Loaded but nothing is good enough for his ego. Keep it up Terry, Rodgers earned it!

  20. His first comment sounded like an opinion, now he’s overreaching and it sounds personal, which undermines his credibility.

  21. Enjoying the attention Terry. The man is in the public eye for a long time but first time in a long time I hear people caring about his opinion to this degree. I think he’s a little cranky on A couple points maybe but I think Terry is enjoying this. At least it seems that way to me.

  22. I hope he’s leading the Pack in 2021, from beginning to end… happily. But if the man truly wants out, let him out… and get all you can get for him. He can’t play forever anyway. He’s going to leave someday no matter what.

  23. Terry is being paid by FOX, but is he running with this for the Packers? Trying to see what the motivation is for attacking his future Hall of Fame brother. I do agree with others that it feels like he is trying to get a response from Rodgers. But why?

  24. Terry Bradshaw is a big Favre lover. When Green Bay won the Superbowl in 2010 he couldn’t even stand to look at Ted Thompson. He’s hated Rodgers and the Packers ever since. Take it all with a grain of salt. Whatever happens everyone wins. Rodgers in the short term and Green Bay in the long term.

  25. Time to move on in Title Town. Please take note of the last power struggle in GB. The trade will involve an AFC pretender as opposed to a NFC contender. Multiple 1st rounders and salary cap relief combined with removing the “cancer” from the team. I have always loved the month of June.

  26. Terry also once said the Packers should get rid of Aaron and keep Mike McCarthy. So, Bradshaw’s little campaign against Aaron is nothing new.

    A lot of people try to come up with anything to say about about Aaron, because they know they will get attention for saying something about A-Rod. Again, nothing new.

  27. All I want now is for Fox to set up a sitdown between the two on their pregame segment, I would watch that

  28. pkrlvr says:
    May 4, 2021 at 8:40 pm
    have a good 2021 and choke in the playoffs again
    You realize we had to win playoff games to get to the championship game right? In his last playoff game Rodgers had a 103 rating and threw for 3 TD’s. Brady had a 70 rating and 3 int’s. Yet Rodgers choked and Brady is the goat. Funny how that works. Can’t even imagine what you think of ole Mahommes given he didn’t score a point on that same defense.

    See, thats the difference between AR and TB. AR cares more about his stats, all TB cares about is wins.

    Rodgers would rather have the big stats and lose than pedestrian stats and win.

    Rodgers got back to back turnovers from his defense and went 3 and out on both of them, but hey he had a 103 QB rating and better stats than Brady……ugh.

  29. Rodgers’ best chance at a SuperBowl is to stay put. The latest machinations may have been an attempt to coerce the Packers into drafting a WR stud in the first round of the draft. The Packers may have been inclined to accommodate him to keep him happy, but perhaps he’s pressed his luck behind the scenes too much and too often, like Favre did. Nobody is bigger than the team. I’ll support whoever and whatever the Packers put on the field, good or bad. I’ve done it all my life, there’s no reason to stop now for one guy.

  30. What little credibility old man Bradshaw has went out the window with his ridiculous assertion about Rodgers’ footwork. If he thinks Rodgers’ footwork is the worst of any starting QB, he must be nodding off during the games. There are, and have been, many starting QBs with much worse footwork than Rodgers. Many guys with great footwork lack anything close to Rodgers’ other, more important skills. Bradshaw is just being petty.

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