Frank Gore gave his stamp of approval before 49ers selected Trey Lance

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Frank Gore didn’t make the 49ers’ first-round selection. But the team’s former running back did validate what the brain trust thought of Trey Lance before the 49ers selected the North Dakota State quarterback third overall.

49ers CEO Jed York sought input from Gore in the days leading up to the draft.

“I know Frank trains with a lot of people, and this is a weird year where our scouts really didn’t have the opportunity to do as much in person,” York told Matt Maiocco of 49ers Talk. “And I asked him if he knew any of the guys.”

Gore told York he had familiarity with Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields and Alabama quarterback Mac Jones. York asked Gore to take a look at Lance.

“You’re not going to take a North Dakota State kid,” Gore told York.

After watching film of Lance, as well as some of the quarterback’s interviews, Gore responded to York: “You got to take Trey. This kid is amazing. He can do so many things with Kyle [Shanahan’s] offense, and Kyle can take it to the next level with all the things you can do.”

York didn’t tell Gore for certain who the team was taking, but he felt even better about the 49ers’ decision after receiving Gore’s stamp of approval.

Gore, who turns 38 on May 14, is a free agent. When he finally retires, Gore could join the 49ers in some capacity.

“I think Frank is already a quasi-scout and an advisor to the organization,” York said. “Frank is like a brother to me.”

25 responses to “Frank Gore gave his stamp of approval before 49ers selected Trey Lance

  1. Gore the QB Guru has spoken, it’s for certain the 49ers took the best QB available……(absolute sarcasm)

  2. lol!!

    Yeah, the Niners are sure in great hands with the 3 Stooges at the top.


  3. What are the odds that they quickly regret that pick?
    I’m guessing its high!

  4. Good thing they didn’t call former 49er PJ Fleck, who would have said “he’s a safety”

  5. Well, I guess that’s a step up from taking QB draft advice from a shoe shine guy.

  6. I have great respect for gore. He overcame a lot and delivered a great career at RB. I do not have the same feelings about Jed York, a great example of nepotism and failing upward. York has had mostly garbage judgement with this franchise and can point to luck for any successes

  7. We shall see… I can tell you I’d be a little cautious being that this guy hasn’t faced real competition. If you watch tape yeah he looks pretty good but also look at the defenders he’s going up against. They sure don’t look like the thoroughbreds that are in the BigTen, SEC, Pack whatever you name it. That being said maybe all of that won’t matter and this kid will be great. Time will tell and I know this much: Wentz hasn’t worked out too good and obviously he’s from the same school.

  8. Frank is an old soul and one of the savviest pro football players in 49er history. I love that the owner still has a relationship with him and feels comfortable getting his insight. 16 years in the trenches gives your opinion value.

  9. Welp, Lance better work out or Gore’s scouting career may be the shortest in league history.

  10. Frank Gore is an great talent evaluator. He definitely belongs on a team, whether front office or coaching staff.

  11. Never rule out the ‘North Dakota State kid.’ I’m glad the Bills didn’t rule out ‘the Wyoming kid’.

  12. Why is Jed York meddling in the draft picks? I’m sure Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch are thrilled.

  13. Very interesting! The 49ers asked Gore but GB couldn’t ask Rodgers about Love. Not a 49ers fan at all but it shows a professional organization.

  14. In addition to being a great RB, Frank Gore has always seemed like one of the classiest guys in the NFL.

  15. Aaron Rodgers is going to HATE this story. 49ers consult with a player who hasn’t played for them in 7 years about his opinion regarding which QB they should take in round one of the NFL draft. Meanwhile, the Packers didn’t even bother to let Rodgers know that they were considering a trade-up to draft a QB last year.

  16. purpleppleater84 says: “I can tell you I’d be a little cautious being that this guy hasn’t faced real competition. If you watch tape yeah he looks pretty good but also look at the defenders he’s going up against.”

    On the flipside, he worked with minimal talent too.

    Unlike the the other QBs, his receivers weren’t always 10-yards wide open all the time for easy completions. Plus he didn’t have 5 NFL-caliber linemen protecting and giving him 15 seconds in the pocket.

    He’s already faced those types of condition in college as he’ll see in the NFL – tight throwing windows and constant heavy line pressure.

  17. Justin Fields seemed like the clear choice at #3. I would be very interested to know what took him off the Niners board and I’m sure their fans will be watching Fields’ career in Chicago rather closely.

  18. rainponcho87 says:
    May 6, 2021 at 12:26 am
    Frank Gore is an great talent evaluator.


    Serious question here: :on what do you base this statement”? Can you even provide examples of Frank Gore evaluating talent….let alone being “great” at it?

  19. Frank Gore’s football IQ is genius level. It’s smart to solicit his opinion.

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