Jed York comfortable if Trey Lance sits two seasons behind Jimmy Garoppolo

2021 NFL Draft
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Despite speculation Jimmy Garoppolo might not remain in San Francisco after draft weekend, the quarterback still is atop the depth chart. The 49ers used the third overall choice on Trey Lance, the heir apparent.

The question now, though, is: When will the 49ers hand Lance the reins?

CEO Jed York said he’s comfortable with Lance sitting and watching awhile, perhaps two seasons.

“We’ve talked about this internally,” York told Matt Maiocco on 49ers Talk. “If we’re in a situation where Jimmy goes out and takes us to a Super Bowl again and has an MVP-caliber season, and does it again, there are worse dilemmas to be in. And Jimmy certainly has the ability to do that.

“Knowing it’s the most important position in sports, and it’s great to have a guy that you do believe in and has gotten you to a Super Bowl. So you don’t have to put the weight of the world on a rookie, whoever it was we were going to choose. And now that we know Trey is here, you don’t have to put the weight of the world on that kid’s shoulders. And he can grow into that position.”

Instead, the weight this season falls on Garoppolo. At the first misstep, the job is Lance’s.

Aaron Rodgers‘ MVP season in 2020 likely changed the Packers’ timeline for when they planned to play first-round choice Jordan Love. Garoppolo has never even made a Pro Bowl much less won an MVP award, but he has started in a Super Bowl.

“If he doesn’t play until he’s 23, but he’s got a 15-plus year career …” York said of Lance. “There were rumors about a guy, and obviously Kyle [Shanahan] talked about [the phone call made to the Packers about] trading for Aaron. How long did Aaron sit? Two or three years before he played? And, again, I want to make sure that we do everything we can to make sure that position is the best it can possibly be in the NFL.”

Lance started only 17 games at North Dakota State, so the 49ers’ best case scenario could be for Garoppolo to keep the rookie on the bench. At this point, though, Lance’s future is in Garoppolo’s right arm.

19 responses to “Jed York comfortable if Trey Lance sits two seasons behind Jimmy Garoppolo

  1. That’s an easy statement to make, knowing it’s more likely than not that Jimmy G. will manage to injure himself before the first year is out. Then he’ll be “Alex Smithed” and traded. (Jimmy)

  2. Total BS. You don’t use a top 10 pick on a QB and have him sit for two years……

  3. There you go Jimmy G, your job is safe, just go to the Superbowl and have an MVP season and the 49ers will be patient with you.

  4. JG will be on IR by week six, and all those plans will be well out the window

  5. I’m still not sure I understand giving up as much draft capital as they did to get this guy. Now you are going to say that he can sit for two years? Right.

  6. That is a lie. You want him to give this current roster the bump they need to get them over the top.

  7. Two seasons behind Jimmy G is probably at least 16 starts with as often as Jimmy is hurt.

  8. How do you say Jimmy G and MVP in the same sentence without busting out laughing??

  9. The clear sign the 49ers will be moving Jimmy G before the start of training camp.

  10. ZERO ZERO ZERO percent chance Jimmy can play 34 straight games not including playoffs at this point

  11. 49er fans are very sensitive about this. Almost in a blind trust kind of way.

  12. Drafting Trey Lance takes me way back to when Washington drafted RG3. The story was that the owner, Dan Snyder wanted RG3, and not the Shanahan’s. This kid Lance looks a lot like RG3. Are you sure it wasn’t Shanahan that wanted RG3? Just curious.

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