John Kuhn says Aaron Rodgers trying to take destiny into his own hands

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Former Packers fullback John Kuhn spent nine years as a teammate of quarterback Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay. He knows Rodgers well and those inside the Packers front office whom Rodgers is current beefing with.

In an interview with Zach Gelb of CBS Sports Radio, Kuhn said that he’s spoken with Rodgers recently and that he doesn’t believe the relationship between Rodgers and the Packers is beyond repair.

I have talked to Aaron Rodgers,” Kuhn said. “I won’t say exactly what we talked about. I will say he’s conflicted because this man loves to play the game of football. This man loves to be a Green Bay Packer and this man truly sees careers. He’s watched friends leave. He watched Brett Favre’s career towards the end. He’s watched all these things play out in front of his eyes. He’s taken notes throughout his entire career. He’s seen some situations that didn’t feel were done or finished the way that they could or should have. And he’s just trying to take his own destiny within his own hands. To that effect I actually admire him because not many players in the NFL have that opportunity. I sure as heck didn’t. I played until everybody told me you can’t play anymore and it’s a humbling feeling and Aaron Rodgers has an opportunity to try and take a little bit of that power back.”

Rodgers is feuding with Packers G.M. Brian Gutekunst about the moves and direction of the roster under his leadership in recent years. And with Rodgers entering the last year of his contract before it becomes feasible for the Packers to move on with a first-round quarterback in waiting in Jordan Love laying in wait, Rodgers is seemingly trying to assert his status and prominence to get what he wants. Kuhn, now a host of a sports radio show on 97.3 The Fan in Milwaukee, believes that mostly remains a desire to play for the Packers for the long-term and a contract that will ensure that outcome for him moving forward.

“He has a little bit of leverage here in this situation and I think that’s going to put the Green Bay Packers in a tough spot,” Kuhn said. “Ultimately, at the end of the day, I truly believe Aaron wants to come back to Green Bay, but he doesn’t want to do it on a lame-duck contract which, even though there’s three years on his contract if you really look at the terms of it, it pretty much sets up for a clean break at the end of the 2021 season for the Packers himself considering that Jordan Love is on a rookie salary. So I think that he wants more insurance that he’s going to be a long-term starting quarterback option for the Green Bay Packers and that I believe is something that would intrigue him to make amends with the team and come back to this season.

“He said multiple times on several different outlets that he plans to play into his 40s and he really wants to do it in Green Bay. I don’t see that feeling from him having changed, and I believe that’s still the main goal of him and sometimes it takes some drastic measures to get to the spots.”

Despite all the furor around Rodgers that kicked off right before the NFL Draft, Kuhn said he didn’t think the relationship is irreparable, but it will take some give-and-take to get back on the same page.

“Absolutely not. Absolutely not,” Kuhn said. “I still believe there’s an opportunity for a resolution here. It’s going to take two men that are dug in right now trying to meet in the middle somewhere where they’re both happy.”

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  1. Why would you draft Love in that spot? He was a project QB who completed 45% of his passes vs man coverage (something you see a lot of in the NFL). Here is the other thing Rodgers saw that the rest of us didn’t. Love play vs non-mid major schools. This kid isn’t ready and probably won’t ever be.

  2. Nobody has really talked about it yet but he used to be Jordan Love. He’s Brett Favre now. Time flies. He’s using the lessons he learned the first time around.

  3. How can anyone blame him for trying to escape the sentence of living in the Midwest when he could be living on the West Coast?

  4. The relationship is not repairable. Gutekunst could totally capitulate and guarantee 100% of Rodgers remaining contract, with a no trade clause, ensuring that Rodgers will play in Green Bay until he’s 40, and Love won’t play a snap during his rookie contract, barring a Rodgers injury. Maybe Rodgers would play for Green Bay again at that point.

    But that doesn’t mean the relationship is repaired. It means Rodgers got his way and Gutekunst had to eat his plans and essentially admit he was wrong, whether he thinks so or not. Or the Packers fire him and install someone who does what Rodgers tells him to do.

    Anything short of that and Rodgers will not play, and the Packers will be forced to trade or release him, or Rodgers will retire.

    Rodgers wants to be treated like Tampa treats Tom Brady.

  5. Another Aaron mouth piece trying to influence the Packer Fans and narrative !!

  6. John Kuhn seriously coming in hard to defend Rodgers and save face. Rodgers leaking(saying) through GB fan favorites how much he loves Green Bay fans is strategic and Machiavelli-ish.

  7. If the all pro protecting his blind side was told, by the guy he’s protecting, don’t come back if for me, dude, it’s over.

  8. Here’s a novel idea! Hey Aaron! play the game the way you know how, and if you’re good enough as you think you are, you have absolutely no concerns about being replaced. AND….If you are playing at that elite level and they don’t want you anymore, you have your wish about playing for any team you want to, because there’s no team that would pass up on a hall of fame, 3 time MVP quarterback. IF OF COURSE……. you still play at that level. Clearly, you don’t think that’s a problem, so just play the game like you’re paid to do.

    Just a thought.

  9. Kuhn is as close to reality and being correct on this as I have heard/seen.

    Aaron “loves to be a Green Bay Packer” and has said for years that his dream is to play his whole career in Green Bay. That is still the goal as Kuhn says here.

    There is a opportunity for a resolution here as John said. 2021 is a given I feel. Aaron is not going anywhere before 2022. The question is whether Aaron and the Packers can come together on some guarantees beyond 2021. That is what is being worked on now.

    We will see what happens. Will be good to see Aaron at training camp in late July. I am very much looking forward to it.

  10. Kuuuuuuuuuhn! Sorry I couldn’t resist but this seems to be the most feasible yet honest report yet. It’s negotiation at it’s best (or worst).

  11. This sounds like PR damage control as Rodgers sees fans and media becoming less and less sympathetic to his cause. But it’s only PR, not about re-joining the team. He’s done as a Packer, he just doesn’t want to look like a villain on the way out.

  12. So, this is really all a way to get a long term contract? Mocking the GM that has to give it to you doesn’t seem like the way to accomplish that end.

    This will be interesting. Aaron is going to need to hear “You’re the guy” for the next few seasons, and that would mean Jordan Love is not the guy. So, if you cave to Rodgers and diminish Love, you really look stupid for trading up for him 2 years ago.

    Will be very intersting to see what the Packers choose to do. Sounds like Aaron will return but not on a month-to-month lease so to speak. He needs term.

    Watching Mark Murphy bungle this will be glorious.

  13. I hope Jordan Love was worth all this. They were/are a Superbowl caliber team with an MVP caliber QB. Win now mode. And the Packers capitalized by…drafting a guy to warm the bench – and they gave up draft capital to do it. Good luck to him living up to all the expectations.

  14. Do you give a 37yr old (38 in December) superstar the 3+ years and money he wants or do you hand the keys over to an unproven but hungry kid and surround him with whatever you can using the money you saved? Glad nobody asks me that kind of question.

  15. How hard would it have been to sign some players like JJ Watt and Antonio Brown to say we want to try to win it this year? Also draft a damn receiver in the first round. They keep wanting to do it their way. Life is about making compromises. Rodgers is a bit of a diva but most of the great ones are.

  16. Now we have clarity. AR just wants one more huge contract, with big guarantees. The stuff about not drafting help, is just smoke.

  17. Lame-duck contract 70 plus million for the next 2 years. I don’t think you know what you want. To me this is a sign that he knows it is going to difficult to repeat last years performance and just wants more money. If winning a Super Bowl was his number one goal we would not be where we are.
    He could have restructured his contract made more money and provided cap relief.

  18. Aaron is apparently doing everything he can to unravel all the goodwill he’s generated over his career that would have assured he would be a first ballot HOF inductee when he finally decides to retire.

  19. Too bad he didn’t take “Destiny” in his own hands with at least one of the 3 3-n-out drives in the second half of the NFC Championship.

  20. It’s getting late. Screw the surrogate mouthpieces. My guess is the Packers and Rodgers are working it out. He knows his next, last, and best chance to return to a SuperBowl is staying where he is. The Packers need to accommodate his desire to go all-in and stop taking advantage of fans willing to fill it up year-after-year and only making moves that are “good enough.” Rodgers needs to stop taking it personally. Those are two ironclad mindsets. This won’t be easy.

  21. It seems like Kuhn is speaking on behalf of Rodgers. So the Packers have a choice. Go with Love or give Rodgers a long term Contract.

  22. Aaron Rodgers might be better off in the NBA with their rules on player movement.

  23. So it’s all about the contract/$. That’s why he has only one ring.

  24. John Kuhn notwithstanding, it seems that many (if not most) former Packers may have liked Rodgers as a player but couldn’t stand him as a teammate. He definitely comes off as an entitled drama queen who is always pointing the finger at someone else and never accepts any blame or responsibility himself.

  25. If Rodgers has something to say he should just say it already. He may not like the passive aggressive label but he sure earns it.

  26. Its clear his number 1 objective is not winning a Super Bowl. He is all over the place like constant chip on shoulder, money, popularity, being celebrity, being the smartest guy in the room.

  27. Bet Rodgers took over Favres private locker room at Lambeau Field when he took his job.everyone says Love isnt worth the pick but what happens if he actually becomes a standout quarterback proving Gutz correct.

  28. mookie34 says:
    May 6, 2021 at 12:02 am
    Somewhere, Tom Brady is smiling.


    Somewhere Tom Brady is waking up next to Giselle and getting ready to go out and compete for another SB

  29. Rodgers new wife to be lives in Colorado. She doesn’t want to spend 6 months a year in Green Bay. She isn’t gonna spend half a year apart from her new husband for the next 5 years. Rodgers will be a Bronco before the season starts. The Packers and Rodgers will have a staged bloody drag out fight all summer to keep the news cycle churning and then sometime during the preseason the trade will happen. I wouldn’t be shocked if the trade wasn’t already agreed to. The worlds a stage. Do the math people.

  30. And that’s his right but if he thinks things are going to be a whole lot different with some other franchise he’s kidding himself. In fact, I’d argue any new team taking on a 37-year old QB–even an MVP-caliber one–is going to have their own plans in place and expect him to fill a role. He’ll never have as much control and influence with any other team as he has with the Packers.

  31. Make all the excuses you want – Mr. Regular Season is 1-4 in championship games.

  32. ackattack22 says:
    May 6, 2021 at 9:24 am
    John Kuhn notwithstanding, it seems that many (if not most) former Packers may have liked Rodgers as a player but couldn’t stand him as a teammate. He definitely comes off as an entitled drama queen who is always pointing the finger at someone else and never accepts any blame or responsibility himself.

    4 7 Rate This


    That’s why BB drafted JimmyG. It worked. GB drafted Love to scare Rodgers and it didn’t work.

    The difference is the GM/coach clout. BB has it, the bozos in GB do not.

  33. If it’s the Brady effect, seethe quietly, honor your current contract, then get out. It’s the manly thing to do.

  34. He finally got a trusted agent to put out some truth. About dam time. As most packer fans have noted he doens’t want to be discarded next year. What would fix that…………win a championship and then see what they do? If you win who cares your a 2 x champ. Don’t win and you get traded to a a contender. As much as most of us saw why this was it’s too bad you let the media poo poo this into so many crazy stupid things.

    But with that said if you have been blasting Gute or wanting him fired you are in the wrong AR and need to settle down. A SB caliber roster has been built. He would have likely done more this year had we not had Covid and your HUGE CAP NUMBER.

  35. What is sad is he’s always had the power. To take a few bucks less and get a better team around him? To not sign those huge extensions and wait and bet on himself? To actually bet on himself and play this out as a winner instead of as a cancer.

  36. He needs to be the man and just win. If he wins and wins big that puts more pressure on GB and if he wins a SB he can do whatever he wants. Get traded and play his remaining years throwing it with his eyes closed for fun who cares. All this posturing from him and not once is the posture coming from the context of a man that knows he can win. It’s not about money it’s about making sure the Pack can’t trade him after next year. Why not embrace it and win.

  37. Correct my memory if wrong but didn’t Rogers have issues w Mike McCarthy as well? I think Rogers is an amazing talent but watching these teams go down the road of letting the QB run the team is disturbing, Wilson in Seattle is another example.

  38. Correct my memory if wrong but didn’t Rogers have issues w Mike McCarthy as well?

    He should have had issues with McCarthy.

    The defense lagged well behind the offense every year after winning the Super Bowl. McCarthy stood by Capers after it was clear he couldn’t do the job. He even gave up considerable control of the offense to try to fix the D, and he couldn’t do it. That came at the expense of the offense, which started to fall flat in 2016.

    Rodgers wasn’t a villain. McCarthy had considerable shortcomings, and at the end, it was abundantly clear he wasn’t going to correct them.

  39. Too bad he didn’t take “Destiny” in his own hands with at least one of the 3 3-n-out drives in the second half of the NFC Championship.

    1st-and-goal at the 8

    Throws to a wide open Allen Lazard a few easy steps from the goalline…. wasn’t even looking for the ball

  40. Seems like bad faith from GB. They have the reigning NFL MVP and won’t either extend his guarantees or let him go. Won’t draft the skill players he’s been wanting for ages, but they draft a pseudo-successor.

    Their approach makes no sense to me. They have the ultimate guy to build a Super Bowl-winning team around, but they refuse to. But they also don’t want him to leave.

    I’m sure Rodgers doesn’t want to spend another entire year of his life in that setting, but if I were him, I would do it. Take the money, do your best for a season, and make it 100% clear you are done after that, no franchise tag, no nothing. That seems more than fair. Then you’re free and clear with a few good years still left and GB is free to do whatever the baffling thing is that they’re wanting to do.

  41. This is so much fun
    I can’t decide which I like more. Rodgers trying to sabotage green bay’s free agency. Rodgers demeaning gutekunst among his teammates. The Packers groveling to Rodgers. They are all pretty funny.

  42. I say ditch the franchise QB. All QBs. He’s not worth $45M. One year pay. Too much. Go back to running the ball and playing great defense.

  43. phillipashe says:
    May 6, 2021 at 7:22 am
    Too bad he didn’t take “Destiny” in his own hands with at least one of the 3 3-n-out drives in the second half of the NFC Championship.
    On those drives the Packers’ O-line was getting killed for easy sacks on Rodgers. Tell me, what could Rodgers have done to take destiny into his own hands?

  44. daphne49er says:
    May 6, 2021 at 10:14 am
    Make all the excuses you want – Mr. Regular Season is 1-4 in championship games.

    2014 – Packers went from 19-7 lead to down 22-19 without ever getting the ball. Rodgers led a scoring drive just to reach OT where they never got the ball
    2016 – Packers defense allowed 31 unanswered points in blowout loss
    2019 – Packers defense allowed 27 points and 220 rushing yards by 1 player in blowout loss
    2020 – Packers defense allowed a Hail Mary TD just before the half, O line got destroyed and allowed easy sacks for 3 and out drives.

    Name a QB who can win with that kind of team around him.

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