Lions to cut Kerryon Johnson

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Three years after he was a second-round draft pick, running back Kerryon Johnson is on the way out in Detroit.

Johnson is being released, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network.

Because he has only three years in the NFL, Johnson will go on waivers, where the 31 other teams have the opportunity to claim his contract. Given that he’s just 23 years old and has shown flashes of big-play ability, it won’t be surprising if some team claims him.

New Lions General Manager Brad Holmes has made no secret that he wants to completely reshape the roster he inherited from former GM Bob Quinn. Johnson was a player the old Lions regime invested a prime pick in, but the new regime is moving on.

The Lions like what they have in the backfield with newly arrived seventh-round pick Jermar Jefferson joining incumbent starter D'Andre Swift and free agent signing Jamaal Williams. That made Johnson expendable.

19 responses to “Lions to cut Kerryon Johnson

  1. Never understood how Kerryon could run wearing a big truck brace on that knee.

  2. Good luck, Kerryon! At one time, he was the greatest RB in the division.

    ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #ONEPRIDE

  3. Bob Quinn will sign him as soon as he clears waivers…oh wait, Bob Quinn isn’t employed anywhere. That tells you all you need to know!

  4. Camp runningback for the Seahawks? He could surprise people..

  5. he is often injured and thats why the Lions moved on. He is a good player when healthy and I hope he does well

  6. You’d think they could have at least traded him for a 7th rounder and a couple of kicking tees.

  7. AZ should pick him up and stash him as their number 3 running back. Kerryon’s skill set fits this offense very well, it would cost them very little to take the risk and if he sucks they can just cut him before the season and pick up someone else released on waivers, no harm no foul.

  8. They just churn through them in Detroit. How many high pick RBs does that make?

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