Mike Mayock: We had an offer to trade down but it wasn’t worth losing Alex Leatherwood

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The Raiders have been heavily criticized for taking offensive tackle Alex Leatherwood with the 17th overall pick in the 2021 NFL draft. Leatherwood was widely regarded as a player who would still be available much later than 17th overall, which means the Raiders likely could have traded down and still taken Leatherwood.

Raiders General Manager Mike Mayock acknowledges that the Raiders could have traded down. But he said the only trade offer they got wasn’t a very good one, and that he and the Raiders’ staff were high enough on Leatherwood that they didn’t want to risk losing him.

“Just when we got on the clock a team did call us and inquired about moving up but they gave us a very poor trade offer and it was a team that needed a tackle,” Mayock said, via ESPN. “So the combination of the poor offer and their need kind of pushed us away from that. There’s a risk/reward scenario and, in this case, we didn’t feel that it was worth it.”

As it turned out, only one other offensive tackle was selected in the first round after Leatherwood, Christian Darrisaw to Minnesota at No. 23. So there was no run on offensive tackles, and the Raiders could have moved down and still taken one of the top tackles on the board. But Mayock insists that the value of trading down wouldn’t have been worth the risk of losing their preferred tackle.

42 responses to “Mike Mayock: We had an offer to trade down but it wasn’t worth losing Alex Leatherwood

  1. Turns out it is a lot easier to talk about what GM’s should do on TV than it is to actually do it for a living.

  2. As always with the draft, we will see. But I can’t even get past Mayock going with Henry Ruggs as the first receiver off the board last year.

  3. Mayock has to be the second worse GM, second only to whoever it is constantly trading off young talent in Miami

  4. Mayock took off his big red nose and floppy shoes to make that pick…

  5. Unless this kid developed some insane footwork and sumo-level hand fighting overnight, this was too a far reach. Not to say the kid won’t develop into a top O-Lineman. You never know. Well, unless you’re one of EVERY NFL REPORTER/ANALYST ON EARTH.

  6. I love Mike Mayock the draft anaylst. However, he seems to be hitting a rough patch on ranking 1st rounders.

  7. He’s not a good GM, and it will be tough to listen to his analysis when he returns to work the draft sooner than later. Hopefully the Raiders don’t hire Mel Kiper to replace him.

  8. first Clelin Ferrill and now Alex Leatherwood… anyone else think Mayock is trying to reach up a bit so he gets the “credit” if one of these reach picks ever hit?

  9. Some teams seem to fall in love with one player, others seem to content to draft any of several guys with similar rankings.

  10. Mike, you were the only one who didn’t think Leatherwood wouldn’t be there if you traded down. He would have been there even if you dropped down to 32. Trying to justify a complete overreach and not doing a very good job of it.

  11. And this is one reason why the Raiders aren’t relevant anymore

  12. Let me guess. They probably wanted to draft Darrisaw who the Vikings took?

  13. Mike Mayock is in over his head.

  14. The media never had a clue Leatherwood was going this high and Raiders weren’t the only team on him in that range, but of course they’ll pretend to know more than actual NFL teams. I say this as a non-Raiders fan who’s well aware of their other questionable first round picks over the last couple years

  15. Cowboys were criticized for taking that center some years back too. They built the best o-line in the game for a while. Good for Mayock for standing pat and being sure of his pick.

  16. The former TV guys like Lynch and Mayock have the same problem: they talk too much.

  17. Just another reach that we could have picked a Line Backer or edge rusher and got him in the 2nd round, but in the end after the 1st pick MayChuck started picking quality players that should fit in nicely. AFC WEST is going to be a tough division to come out of, I will be happy with a wildcard.

  18. Mayock has tried to prove he’s smarter then everybody else in the first round 3yrs in a row and has failed miserably . He’s a cautionary tale for those who think media evaluators actually know what it takes to run a team . They do not .

  19. He is over his head as the GM. Everyone thinks or knows it, but no one says it. Would someone ask Terry Bradshaw what he thinks about the qualifications and job the Raiders GM is doing? Might actually get a real response.

  20. At the end of the day, the pick has been made and Leatherwood is a Raider. Time will tell if the pick was a good one or not.

    And realistically speaking, if other teams did value Leatherwood as high as the Raiders did – no one is going to admit to it after he went to the Raiders.

  21. When Davis pulls the plug on this failed experiment in another year or two, and Chucky is back doing game commentary, Mike Mayock is somehow suddenly going to again be a draft “expert.”

  22. They think this guy is the 2nd coming or Art Shell or something! Most had Leatherwood as a midround 2nd rounder.

  23. Raiders raidering, it’s a joke that just keeps on proving itself. Whatever offer it was, it would’ve been better taking the trade than taking 1 of the two guys that would’ve still been available had you traded back. You literally could’ve had a guy rated as high as you took, and received additional draft picks. Whoever the trade partner was clearly wasn’t trading up to get a tackle. Just another boneheaded move by the raiders.

  24. Every year so far, Mayock and Gruden arrogantly try to prove that they know better than everyone else. Hasn’t worked with Ferrell or Arnette. Maybe they will have better luck with Leatherwood. But probably not.

  25. It was the Vikings trying to trade back up for Darrisaw.

  26. Same people who criticize the “draft experts” are convinced about their predictions of where guys will get drafted

  27. This is a big reason why all post-draft snap grades are so stupid. Almost always the reasoning goes like this from Mr Analyst: “I had this player ranked #45 on my big board, but the team took him at #17, so I give this pick a C-“. There were a lot of teams who needed tackles this year, and no one knows what those teams would have done if the Raiders had traded down and Leatherwood had still been available.

    Mayock was absolutely correct when he said “if you like a player, take him”. The Colts are always praised for trading down and “manipulating the draft” to maximize pick values, but now they are going in to the season with one of the worst left tackles in the NFL to protect Carson Wentz. What good is it to maximize draft value when your QB spends the season running for his life?

  28. oscarxray says:
    May 5, 2021 at 8:33 am
    Who’s Mike Mayock’s replacement? Bruce Allen?


    Tim Allen would probably be a better fit.

  29. The love over Leatherwood is complexing. I still can’t figure that one out.

  30. The real sucky part is it puts way too much pressure on Leatherwood. He’s gonna feel the need to justify that high pick, on top of all the pressure of just being a new guy in the nfl.

  31. I think everyone is pointing the wrong finger here. Sure, he is the GM, but does that really matter? Baby Davis and Chuckie are the ones who are clearly making the decisions here. Davis has no business running his father’s team and Gruden keeps undermining whatever progress he made the previous year. They are both lucky to have such a loyal fan base to deal with this BS year after year. In the past you could always argue, “Well they are better than the Browns”, but now it looks like the Raiders are the new Browns. Except for Cincy, of course.

  32. bringbackkosar says:
    May 5, 2021 at 12:47 pm
    can’t wait to hear why they drafted 3 safeties lol

    Is that a seriös question? Have you Seen their saftey depth chart? Also one of those is being converted to a Will Linebäcker.

  33. This team will never get passed Mahomes, doesn’t matter what they do.

    Mayock belongs in the TV booth and Gruden in the MNF booth.

    Raiders will be kept down for another decade at a minimum.

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