Mike McCarthy: Everyone knows Aaron Rodgers’ impact on Packers

San Francisco 49ers v Green Bay Packers
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Mike McCarthy had his share of drama with Aaron Rodgers during their 13 years together in Green Bay. McCarthy now is head coach in Dallas. Rodgers remains the Packers quarterback, but for how much longer?

Rodgers and the Packers are in a standoff.

Initial news of the rift came on the opening day of the draft last Thursday with a report that Rodgers has told the organization he no longer wants to play for the team.

McCarthy, of course, was asked about the Rodgers news. McCarthy, of course, wanted no part of it.

“I think it’s like everything in this business,” McCarty said, via Jon Machota of TheAthletic.com. “I don’t think anything ever surprises you, and I think things like that go on. Conversations are always going on when it comes to player acquisition. Obviously, everyone knows the impact that Aaron Rodgers has made on the Green Bay Packers, but I didn’t really give it much thought. I haven’t seen anything happen, so it’s a good news story. . . . Jerry [Jones] told me when I got here, all news is good news.”

Jones added, “I told him that I found it’s sometimes better to stir a little stuff up than it is to make it run smooth, and we’ll go with that.”

McCarthy then was asked if he had any flashbacks to the end of Brett Favre’s time in Green Bay. Favre played three more seasons with the Packers after they drafted Rodgers in the first round in 2005 before Rodgers assumed the mantle.

In the 2020 draft, the Packers traded up to select quarterback Jordan Love in the first round, putting an expiration date on Rodgers’ career in Green Bay.

“That was an experience that. . .,” McCarthy said, pausing and chuckling. “Oh God, help me out, Jerry.”

Jones did what perhaps the 49ers should have done: The Cowboys owner pointed to the tampering rule to shut down the Aaron Rodgers talk.

“I will. I’m gonna mess you up here, guys,” Jones said in response to McCarthy. “I believe I’d stay away from that one, Mike. I’ll get fined for tampering if I comment on it. I’m not so sure with your background up there what might evolve from that. That was then; this is now.”

McCarthy said: “Yes, sir. Focus on the Dallas Cowboys.”

McCarthy’s Packers days are behind him. They soon could be behind Rodgers, too.

23 responses to “Mike McCarthy: Everyone knows Aaron Rodgers’ impact on Packers

  1. This has to put a smile on McCarthy’s face. These guys really screwed this one up. Kicking Rodgers in the groin by taking a QB in the first round last year, then watching him win an MVP. Now they’re squirming, trying to make it look like Aaron wants out, and they had nothing to do with it. Lol

  2. “The train has left the station.” – Mike McCarthy commenting on Brett Favre’s departure from the Packers.

  3. yes everyone knows rodger’s talent covers up the packers’ incompetent drafting. next question.

  4. Rodgers has some legit issues with the Pack but at the end of the day, he has been and will always be a moody, sick, Diva.

  5. McCarthy has to be loving it. Not that he has done so well in his new job so far but this has to make him giggle.

  6. Unfortunately, we do. Aarons missed significant time twice in his career. In 2013, he missed 7 games and we went 2-4-1. In 2017, he missed 9 games and we went 3-6.

  7. If they had evidence of this “tampering” they would bring it to the league, not the press directly. GB are simply deflecting to take off some of the heat.

  8. Aaron Rodgers is a great QB, but he is also a unique breed. Right or wrong… I can’t imagine any player being more stubborn and steadfast to his convictions. Rodgers will never play for Green Bay again. He’ll either wait to be traded or retire, because he will never back down.

  9. Aaron isn’t worth the drama. The Packers offered to make him the highest paid quarterback in the league, and he said no. That’s it see ya

  10. From the sidelines, it sure looks like Aaron is hell bent on flushing his first ballot HOF future down the drain. Think Pete Rose. Hope it’s worth it, Aaron.

  11. Say what you want about Jerry Jones, I just know I always enjoy his media interviews.

    “I believe I’d stay away from that one, Mike.”

    Pure gold.

  12. Would the Jerry Jones trade Dak Prescott to get Aaron Rodgers? He’ll be 79 in October. It’s been 25 years since Cowboys won the Super Bowl. I wonder if he would roll the dice.

  13. Kyle Shanahan hearing rumors that Rodgers might be traded and then calling Matt LaFleur to ask if it’s true does not constitute tampering. The 49ers then admitting that call happened after they just spent 3 first-round picks on a new QB also does not constitute tampering, at least not the kind that would ever be enforced, because the 49ers’ public statements don’t constitute a present interest in Rodgers.

  14. rodgers got mccarthy fired.. next is the GM …guess he feels he can accomplish this firing too

  15. The only person i’m really feeling sorry for in this ever unfolding saga and battle of the egos is Jordan Love…he didn’t ask for any of this and he’s unfortunately right in the middle of this mess. Brian Gutekunst needs to extend Aaron Rodgers and trade Jordan Love to the highest bidder to end this ridiculous and embarrassing debacle.

  16. McCarthy squandered one of the best players in history.

    His opinion is worth the gum stuck to the bottom of my boot.

  17. Rodgers got McCarthy fired in Green Bay

    The Packers should have left McCarthy at the station after that epic meltdown in Seattle.

  18. The Packers need to wait until after June 1st. What I understand is that if they trade him after that date they get some relief on his salary. I think we’ll see something happen then. I’m a Packer fan and I feel like GB needs an owner that is willing to make hard decisions. McCarthy should have been let go a long time ago. Ted Thompson never really gave Rodgers the support he needed. The current GM screwed up last year. He should have spoken with Rodgers and the possibility of getting a QB to back him up.

  19. I am a Packers fan my whole life and I am siding with Rodgers on this one. As a fan who doesn’t know Rodgers personally, it is completely obvious that he has to be handled with care. His personality could be considered a flaw by some but it is also part of what makes him great. That Gutekunst did not at least fill Rodgers in that they may take a QB early because they really liked a guy really makes me question his ability to manage relationships. I really think that that simple gesture, to include Rodgers in the process, would have gone a long ways. I love the Pack but I am a little disgusted by the Front Office thinking they are the smartest guys in the room all the time. How about they develop some people skills and get a roster to win a Championship one of these years. They have had the most important piece for a long time, there is no excuse at this point.

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