Report: Aaron Rodgers referred to G.M. Brian Gutekunst as “Jerry Krause” in texts with teammates

The 1990-1991 Chicago Bulls
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More and more details are emerging regarding the rift between the Packers and quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Bob McGinn of confirms the report from Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports that Rodgers wants G.M. Brian Gutekunst to be fired. McGinn adds that Rodgers has mocked Gutekunst in group text messages with teammates, referring to Gutekunst as Jerry Krause.

Krause, the late G.M. of the Chicago Bulls, was portrayed in a harshly negative light during last year’s 10-part documentary regarding the franchise that won six championships in the NBA.

McGinn also reports that “[i]n recent months, according to sources, the Packers have offered to make the 37-year-old Rodgers the NFL’s highest-paid quarterback.” We’ve reported that Rodgers has requested Patrick Mahomes money; Mahomes is currently getting $45 million per year in new money.

Average value is one thing. Structure and guarantees are another. If the Packers give Rodgers a deal worth $45,000,001 per year but the structure doesn’t force the Packers to keep Rodgers through 2022 or 2023, the Packers will retain their current year-to-year flexibility to flip from Rodgers to Jordan Love. Rodgers wants a structure that gives him a guaranteed spot on the roster for at least two or three years, which could potentially force the Packers to trade Love.

Whatever Rodgers wants, he’s given the Packers more than three months to give it to him. They have refused to do so, to date. For now, there’s no reason to think the Packers will give in.

36 responses to “Report: Aaron Rodgers referred to G.M. Brian Gutekunst as “Jerry Krause” in texts with teammates

  1. There is zero chance Rodgers plays for the GB again. I can’t see it working for either side.

  2. When Diggs tackled Rodgers up in Minnesota and broke his collarbone – remember what the rest of the year was like for the Pack? If Rodgers isn’t back, get ready for a full season of that. Maybe Gutekunst is a nice guy, but sometimes when people make mistakes, there’s no recovering from them. So who do the Packers keep – their first ballot Hall of Fame QB, or the guy seemingly won’t be able to un-ring the bell? The other 3 teams in the division are licking their chops – I can hear them from my backyard.

  3. The negative light was appropriate considering anyone who ever interacted with Krause found him to represent the very highest of arrogance and toxicity.

  4. Green Bay front office got Jordan Love as a backup in case Rodgers pulled some kind of a job action, such as he’s now doing. They may very well have to play the Love card now. Rodgers – whose agent is the same one that Carson Palmer had – will be forced to retire.

  5. Money and ego. What, did you really think this was about winning and championships and the actual team?

  6. Let’s pretend he returns to the team. You think these stories will just disappear? You think Rodgers won’t be a rogue player that calls audibles when he wants to, ignores coaches, and submarines that team? Ok. Cool.

  7. While Michael Jordan and Jerry Krause had their battles, they did win 6 championships together.

    Invoking Krause’s name as an insult suggests Rodgers does not understand (or care about) what goes into winning at that level.

  8. This man who has been paid a quarter of a BILLION dollars to play a game is pathetic. What a man-child. 49ers dodged a bullet with this diva.

  9. Highly unprofessional Aaron. Also, isn’t Gutekunst the same guy that drafted/signed most of the current players on the roster? And you’re openly mocking him to other teammates? The very same teammates who have the opportunity to play for an NFL franchise, because of that same person (the GM)?

  10. By referring to Gutekunst as Jerry Krause, Rodgers is implying that he sees himself as Michael Jordan. Aaron, you are no Michael Jordan.

    That said, Gutey hasn’t distinguished himself very well with his draft picks or manner of dealing with the Head Baby.

  11. Trading up to pick Love was a bonehead move. They obviously did not see Rodgers performing at MVP level again. They also should have known his likely reaction. Having gone down this path, they should sell high. Trade Rodgers coming off MVP and get a load of picks and players to keep a strong roster for Love, who will still have 3 years on rookie contract.

  12. philmccracken says:
    May 5, 2021 at 12:05 pm
    It’s not all bad. Jerry Kraus won 6 championships.


    Gutekunst has won 0, Rodgers won 1 over a decade ago….how dare he disrespect Krause like that

  13. So the only card left for the team to play is to fire Gutekunst which is not likely. It is also not likely Rodgers let’s the team off the hook for 44M. His last card to play is to report and be oft injured with perhaps hamstring, back issues.

  14. No one’s trading for Love. If the Packers had any realistic hopes of him panning out, Rodgers would be in SF right now.

  15. Have the pack replaced the texans as most dysfunctional NFL team?

  16. Compared himself to MJ?? Rodgers is the 3rd best QB all time…..on the Packers!!

  17. Jerry Krause didn’t win a damned thing. Also, if you think Jordan Love is taking this team to the NFC Championship any time this decade, you’re huffing paint thinner.

  18. trade Rodgers. get something. we got a 3rd? for Favre. get rid of him.

  19. The past 30 years GB has had 2 QB’s Favre and Rodgers with only 2 Super Bowl titles! I’ll side with the QB. This organization sucks, they make Jerry Jones look competent.

  20. trade Rodgers. get something. we got a 3rd? for Favre.

    A 2nd and a 3rd… which were parlayed into Clay Matthews III

  21. Like him or dislike him (and I dislike him), this behavior is beyond unprofessional for a 37 year old captain.

    Just another insight into the Childish mess that is the mind of AR

  22. Dude, it was Anthony Barr who tackled Rodgers and Rodgers collar-bone went *snap*. Diggs is WR, not a LB.

  23. The most interesting story behind all of this is because of how and who owns the Packers is that the control issue at the top to put an end to all this silliness is pretty convoluted. No crazy/crazy-smart billionaire to step in.

  24. B D says:
    May 6, 2021 at 7:00 pm

    Gutekunst would actually have to win a chip to be compared to Krause.


    No he would need three repeats back to back Joe. Rodger’s will never be in the same talent category as MJ.

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