Report: Aaron Rodgers told prospective Packers free agents he likely won’t be on the team

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) celebrated his second quarter rushing touchdown with fans at Lambeau Field Saturday December 24,2016 in Green Bay, Wis. ] The Green Bay Packers hosted the Minnesota Vikings at Lambeau Field. Jerry Holt / je
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Some quarterbacks work to keep their teams together. Aaron Rodgers reportedly has done the opposite.

Mike Garafolo of NFL Media reports that, dating back to last season, Rodgers was telling the team’s prospective free agents “before you make any decisions, I’m probably not gonna be there.”

That didn’t stop tackle David Bakhtiari or running back Aaron Jones from re-signing with the team. But money talks, and both got plenty of it to stay. The question of whether they actually stayed doesn’t matter; the point is that Rodgers did the exact opposite of what most quarterbacks do.

He didn’t try to get other players to stay. He likewise didn’t opt for the neutrality of saying nothing. If the report is accurate — and there’s no reason to believe it isn’t — Rodgers tried to undermine the team’s best interests by putting them under the impression that he was on the way out the door.

It’s the latest evidence supporting the notion that Rodgers actively has been working to sabotage the team for which he has played since 2005. He created an issue that required at least three trips by member of the team’s brain trust to California since the end of the 2020 season, in a failed effort to resolve his concerns at a time when the men who made the trips surely had better things to do. Then, he strategically launched a major distraction hours before the draft, a distraction that grew and grew until it culminated in the news that Rodgers wants the man running the Green Bay draft to be fired.

Packers fans understand the nuances of the NFL better than most fans. Packers fans — especially those who own stock in the team — could soon realize the significance of the things Rodgers reportedly has been doing. Thus, Packers fans could soon turn on Rodgers just as hard as they turned on Brett Favre.

82 responses to “Report: Aaron Rodgers told prospective Packers free agents he likely won’t be on the team

  1. Good job, Aaron! He may get some MVP votes from other teams even if he doesn’t play this season.

  2. This is getting old quickly. I’ve had enough of these diva prima donnas.

  3. Let him sit. What a man child. (I’m a Packer fan long disgusted by his passive aggressive attitude)

  4. He wants them to turn, the more they hate him the greater likelihood he gets out of there.

  5. B.Favre never did this stuff.

    B.Favre wanted to play but didn’t want to do off-season work. That’s it.

    This stuff is the work of a pyschopath.

  6. I’m starting to get the impression that Rodgers is unhappy in Green Bay.

  7. Like it or not, every other NFL story will now be about Aaron Rodgers until the season starts.

  8. Now if this isn’t tampering by Arron Rodgers I don’t know what is.

  9. So would you rather he lie or not say anything? Seems like that wouldnt be a stand up thing to do.

  10. He claims to be intelligent. Wouldn’t an intelligent adult be smart enough to know how to deal with people.

  11. Good chance this is the report that will bring AR out of the woodwork – even he doesn’t want this – unless the other players come out first and deny it for him.

  12. Jordan Love had better turn out to be a hall-of-famer. No pressure, though.

  13. Aaron Rodgers wouldn’t be a house hold name if the packers played him immediately when drafted. Be humble. Teams that stick to their rookie 1st round QB for 4+ years … doesnt happen often

  14. Should have traded him to the team he and Tom Brady have always wanted to play for.

    The San Francisco 49ERS

  15. Rodgers is not worthy of those MVP awards. He’s no leader. It’s like when Odin took away Thor’s powers.

  16. Bottom line is he wants out of the NFC, he realizes he can’t beat Brady.

  17. Rodgers is coming off like the pouty kid who takes his ball and goes home. The only problem is it’s not his ball.

  18. This is what Brady did.

    He sabotaged the franchise. I have no idea how Pats fans or Packers fans can defend the selfishness especially during a pandemic.

    Way to destroy your legacy.

  19. This dude is sinking his reputation and ability to be trusted, respected, or even liked among future teammates/coaches/ownership. It’s really strange to watch it play out.

  20. This guy is turning into a PR nightmare. Wonder how long before State Farm pulls the plug?

  21. They said, “Good, and thanks for the heads up. We weren’t sure whether we wanted to go play there but now we do. With you leaving, and them not having to pay you, it will mean more money in our pockets.”

  22. His left tackle and his running back probably asked him prior to signing. He told them the truth. So?

  23. This can’t be happening. It’s not how I, Nostradamus, predicted the way things would go for the Packers this year.

  24. Pretty much consistent with the way this guy carries himself. Everybody else’s fault except for the team leader making 35 mil a year. Packers should name Love the starter right about now and move on.

  25. Do not agree that he undermined the Packers. He was performing a professional courtesy that any good colleague does when he/she is leaving and other colleagues could be affected.

  26. I watched the video. The direct quote, ” I don’t have anyone firsthand who saw or heard this…” but then they go on like it’s gospel.

  27. Now Packers fans are turning on Rodgers? The NFLs PR machine is unbeatable. Players who want to leave are always the “Bad Guy”

  28. What a dislikable guy. Also saw the report about him sending texts to teammates making fun of the the GM. Go host Jeopardy. The league will continue without you.

  29. And that’s why this egomaniac will be considered one of the great QB the NFL had, but will never be considered as one of the greatest QB the NFL had.

  30. As this soap opera continues, Rodgers is becoming less and less likable. I’m sure the producers of Jeopardy are watching.

  31. Maybe he was just being honest about his situation. I’m sure some players would appreciate that.

  32. What a jerk. He should have showed his teammates enough respect to lie to them. Most people appreciate that.

  33. c64man says:
    May 5, 2021 at 3:41 pm
    What is up with all these NFL players acting like NBA players?
    This comment made my day

  34. When asked what was he supposed say? Some times the truth hurts.

  35. How much better off would both teams be if Packers had just taken the 49ers’ offer?

  36. The only thing more entertaining than Rodgers getting traded is Rodgers Not getting traded

  37. You remember that character from Office Space that burned the place down? yeah Milton. That was his name.

  38. Please please! Packers trade Rodgers and Gutekunst to the same team.

  39. Trade him to New England. He’d be out of the conference and we’d get to see if he can do what Brady did there and if Jordan Love can do what Rodgers did here. Everybody wins.

  40. Wait, so this is bad because he told the truth to his teammates?

    Ok, so to be considered a good guy, lie to them next time, Aaron.

  41. With this latest revelation, I get the sense that public sentiment is switching from Rodgers side to the Packers side.

  42. He may as well start talking. The first words out of his mouth should be; “I am more important than the team.”

  43. How happy is Deshaun Watson right now that the D-bag spotlight is shining on someone else?

  44. “Rodgers tried to undermine the team’s best interests by putting them under the impression that he was on the way out the door.”
    This situation ain’t about the team. Rogers was looking out for his teammates by giving them pertinent info that the team likely would not disclose during contract talks. Sounds like a pretty stand up guy.

  45. Be funny if he retired and then got cut from all other revenue due to a bad reputation.

  46. He was just being honest. So if a player wanted to play on a winner it would rest with their opinion of Jordan Love.

  47. The more pissed I get, the more I think don’t trade him. Why reward this?

  48. Ok, I’ve tried to what be pragmatic about this until now, but what a d-bag…

  49. If true, The End. This guy has some real personally issues that can be someone else’s problem. I didn’t think I’d see another divorce like the Favre drama in my lifetime. Aaron, get some help so your legacy won’t be totally ruined.

  50. then you fine him, you cut out his bonus money for conduct detrimental to the team. you cut him out of all team promos. just dont give him what he wants. the Antonio Brown way is not the right way to do things. if he doesnt play to his capabilities then you suspend him with no pay.

  51. Those saying he was being kind to his teammates are missing the point. How is sabotaging the team helping the players who are bound by contract to the Packers? He’s actively trying to make players sign elsewhere, which screws everyone who is on a multi year deal.

  52. While the comparisons to Favre seem apt, the resemblance is superficial. Favre just wanted to play football. Rodgers is spoiled and wants everything and anything to be his way. Green Bay should have been to the Super Bowl multiple times in the past decade, but Rodgers incessant contract demands hamstrung the team. Rodgers doesn’t respect Packers fans, teammates, or anyone but himself.

  53. Its a bad look for the guy but I get it. Some of these guys are like family, well ok maybe I shouldn’t use that reference but they are friends and I’d want my friends to know ahead of time whats going to happen.

    Worst part to me is that he waited till draft day to drop the bomb on the team or have his camp drop it to the public, one or the other. Maybe the front office has been aware of this situation since the end of the year or longer, I don’t know.

    All the radio silence, passive aggressive crap needs to stop. Come out, say what it is you actually want and be a grown up about it. Maybe then they would say OK, go work out a trade to be completed after June 1st, with 3 1st round picks as the starting point. If you can’t find a team that IS willing to talk, then they will negotiate with them.

    I’d rather they not go scorched earth on him and say you play for us or play for no one. That might be where this is headed.

    If he wants to retire to be a TV show host or play golf, then go do that.

  54. cellarperformance says:

    He may as well start talking. The first words out of his mouth should be; “I am more important than the team.”

    After years of claiming that Rodgers is such a great team player, it appears that you’ve finally realized the truth.

    There is hope for you yet…

  55. So, let’s see?
    The Packers draft Jordan Love, who can’t even make a game day roster as a rookie and a second round RB, they refuse to negotiate a new contract with the league MVP, they spend big money on their left tackle and pro bowl RB, and they arguably have some cap issues.
    Rodgers is due to make big bucks while Love gets a six-pack, a case of Perrier, and a very small weekly pittance in comparison.
    Kinda looks to me like the Packers were preparing for Rodgers leaving during the 2020 draft, no surprise to me that it might look the same way to him.
    IF any of this story is true, I see no problem with him telling his friends that he might not be there, they have a right to know before signing their lives away.

  56. legionofzoom says:
    May 5, 2021 at 6:26 pm

    “Rodgers tried to undermine the team’s best interests by putting them under the impression that he was on the way out the door.”
    Have you considered the possibility that he wasn’t ‘giving anyone an impression’, and that maybe what he was stating at the time was fact?
    The Packers are a 6-10 team without him, and the fee agent exodus when existing contracts expire will be huge. Do you think Adams will be looking for an extension, and what about LaFleur?

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