Should Packers file tampering charges against the 49ers and/or Broncos?

Green Bay Packers v San Francisco 49ers
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The Packers reportedly believe that the 49ers and Broncos may have tampered with quarterback Aaron Rodgers. The Packers reportedly won’t be doing anything about it.

Maybe they should.

There’s one important reason for considering filing tampering charges against the 49ers or the Broncos. Even if the teams have covered their tracks and/or even if the NFL won’t look very hard for the evidence and/or even if the league finds evidence and won’t do anything about it, filing tampering charges against the 49ers and/or the Broncos would potentially keep any future tampering from happening, if the Packers are intent on taking a “play for us or play for no one” position with Rodgers.

The 49ers have been surprisingly candid about their effort to explore a Rodgers trade. G.M. John Lynch mentioned it during a press conference last week. Coach Kyle Shanahan acknowledged it during an appearance on The Rich Eisen Show. Even CEO Jed York alluded during an appearance on the NBC Sports Bay Area 49ers Talk podcast that Kyle had “talked about trading for Aaron.”

“Any public or private statement of interest, qualified or unqualified, in another club’s player to that player’s agent or representative, or to a member of the news media, is a violation of this Anti-Tampering Policy,” says the relevant league document. If the league wanted to apply the policy literally and strictly (something it rarely if ever does), the NFL could find that the public comments already made amount to a violation.

Here’s the other reality for the Packers. Everybody tampers. So if the Packers officially accuse the 49ers and/or the Broncos of tampering, they open the door to be accused of tampering by other teams.

Besides, if the Packers are going to dig in and not judge, it doesn’t matter if every other team tampers with Rodgers. The damage to the relationship already has been done. Nothing any team says or does is going to make Rodgers more determined to leave.

So it’s probably smart for the Packers to not push it. But an argument could be made for taking an aggressive position, if only to ensure that all other teams will back off while the drama plays out between the Packers and Rodgers, however it plays out.

25 responses to “Should Packers file tampering charges against the 49ers and/or Broncos?

  1. No. Please stop trying to create drama. Enough coming out of GB as it is. Tampering happens. All the time, and it really doesn’t affect the game.

  2. At what point does Jeopardy say ummmmm no thanks, we don’t need the bad press

  3. Maybe they should, maybe they shouldn’t? They shouldn’t. It’s a bad idea all around.

  4. Jerry Kramer makes a good point – whether it’s Jeopardy or State Farm, having a public “face” who’s reputation is getting dicey isn’t good PR.

  5. Trent Differ and Aron Rogers have one thing in common, they both have won, one Supper Bowl.

  6. I don’t think Aaron simply lives for football – he’s more of a Renaissance Man, having a variety of interests outside of sports. And having grossed around 242 million dollars so far in his football career, he’s not really going to be all that impacted by sitting out the season. Which brings us to the most important point … Aaron isn’t going to play for just anybody … if the Packers attempt to trade him and he doesn’t show up for the team physical – there is no trade. He’ll only play where he wants to and if the Packers decide not to trade him … that means as of now, they have only one QB on their roster – a guy with NO NFL experience at all. They’re going to fill out their roster by picking up QB’s off the waiver wire. Good luck with that.

  7. They should file as soon as they find some actual evidence that apparently does not exist?

  8. The Packers let it be known that Aaron would be available soon, when they used a 1st and 4th on Jordan Love.

  9. Incidentally, Gutekunst is German for “good at art,” describing an artful and skillful operator.

  10. jerrykramersslivers says:
    May 5, 2021 at 9:07 pm
    At what point does Jeopardy say ummmmm no thanks, we don’t need the bad press

    If I were them, I’d say no thanks, we don’t need a whining diva who will go out of his way to sow dissension in the ranks and badmouth management. Rodgers may be able to get away with it in football because someone that takes him on will only have to deal with him for a couple of years and will put up with it due to his hard to duplicate football skills. He wasn’t that good as guest host and plenty of folks can do the job as well or better so no need to set yourself up for this crap. Rodgers doesn’t seem to be bright enough to have figured that out.

  11. Where is the Niners pick received from the Raiders after Chucky pulled a free agency pitch for sf cb Sherman?

  12. If the packers file charges, 49ers should immediately file charges against the raiders over Sherman. Dare the nfl to value flashy circumstantial evidence over actual hard evidence.

  13. I watch Jeopardy! and the truth is that he just wasn’t very good. The host of that show should be like a ref – seen as little as possible. Like everything else, AR made the show about him. It’s not. I admit I was excited when he droned on about how good he was. Fact is, he is probably the second worst guest host they’ve had there. To hear him brag about it is laughable. I have checked but I am guessing Vegas odds on him getting the gig are less than zero.


    At what point does Jeopardy say ummmmm no thanks, we don’t need the bad press

  14. I’ll take “new words” for 200, Alex…um I mean Aaron…

    “This term is used to indicate when an organization is is attempting to be run by an ego toting employee that is not part of office management”

    What is Rodgered ?

    Ding Ding Ding…

  15. Not good for future business. Packers would be silly to do it.

  16. I’d like them to file the charges just to see the outcome. Will the NFL give these teams the Jets treatment or the Patriots treatment.

  17. Even if they proved it Godell will turn a blind eye. If he thinks NFL will bring in more $$ for a different jersey for Rodgers, He ‘ll pull the old ” I KNOw NOTHING”. Its all about the big market teams ,he would disintegrate the Packers if he could.

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