Dolphins to sign Jason McCourty

New York Jets v New England Patriots
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Jason McCourty will reunite with Brian Flores in Miami.

McCourty, the veteran cornerback who previously played for Flores in New England, is signing with the Dolphins, according to Mike Garafolo of NFL Network.

Although he said at the start of free agency that he was excited about signing somewhere, there hasn’t been a lot of news around him this offseason. McCourty’s only known visit was with the Giants, who are also coached by a former New England assistant, Joe Judge.

McCourty’s twin brother Devin McCourty has played his entire career with the Patriots, and the two of them played together for the last three years. Previously Jason McCourty played for the Titans from 2009 to 2016 and for the Browns in 2017.

16 responses to “Dolphins to sign Jason McCourty

  1. He was a really good CB in NE. I am sad to see him go to a division rival.

  2. Players who rise to the occasion are worth a lot. Hoping he got paid more than the Patriots could afford, otherwise they will regret losing him.

  3. Patriots fan here….the Dolphins are getting a damn good CB. He was more then solid when he was in Foxboro. He’ll be missed.

  4. amaf21 says:

    hope he enjoys being cut after one season by shady flores.
    Well, he signed a one year contract so I don’t think he’s expecting anything more. He even acknowledged that this could be his last season.

  5. TheFinalSay says:
    May 6, 2021 at 6:14 pm
    Patriots South


    Hardly. The week 1 roster will have removed all of the NE stench from our team.

  6. From the outhouse

    To the Penthouse

    And back to the outhouse again.

    A career capped with a Super Bowl ring. Still don’t know how he made up all that ground so quickly to knock that sure fire touchdown pass away for an incompletion.

  7. What is going on in Miami, with Byron Jones, X Howard and Noah I that is 2 starter CBs and another 1st round pick at CB and Miami trades for another one?
    Something isn’t adding up here IMO
    Is someone about to get traded or cut?

  8. When BB doesn’t re-sign you it’s because you’re done. Enjoy Miami.

  9. Never a big fan of his.

    Although, he did save the SB against the Rams coming out of nowhere to save that TD

  10. When BB doesn’t re-sign you it’s because you’re done. Enjoy Miami.

    Or because he’s intimated by your success. See Brady, Tom. The 43-year old QB that just threw for 40 touchdowns and won a SB with a team that hadn’t won a playoff game in 20 years.

  11. I think he have a tough time making this roster!! The Dolphins are loaded in the secondary! So he might be retiring anyway. Cam will see….when he throws 3 INTs in that opening game against the Fish!!

  12. touchback6 says:
    May 6, 2021 at 11:33 pm
    When BB doesn’t re-sign you it’s because you’re done. Enjoy Miami.


    He didn’t resign Brady. Did Brady look “done” as he was hoisting the Lombardi trophy last February?

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