Report: Brett Favre hasn’t repaid $600,000 of $1.1 million from Mississippi welfare fund

Getty Images

Brett Favre quickly escaped a major P.R. mess (and potential legal entanglement) last year by promising to repay $1.1 million in Mississippi welfare funds for work he reportedly never performed. The story died when Favre paid back $500,000 of the money, with a vow to reimburse the rest.

According to Anna Wolfe of Mississippi Today, Favre has not yet paid the remaining $600,000.

“My agent is often approached by different products and brands for me to appear in one way or another,” Favre tweeted when the issue arose last May. “This request was no different, and I did numerous ads for Families First.”

Last week, Favre’s longtime agent, Bus Cook, told Mississippi Today that “he had nothing to do with Favre’s contract” with the Mississippi Community Education Center, a nonprofit that received (and spent) millions in welfare funds from the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program.

Maybe Favre will address the issue in the next episode of the Bolling with Favre podcast.