Richard Sherman unsure where he’ll play this year, says Seahawks or 49ers are possible

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Free agent cornerback Richard Sherman does not know where he’ll be playing in 2021, but he’d be open to a return with either of his former teams.

Sherman, who played for the Seahawks from 2011 to 2017, said there’s no bad blood with anyone in Seattle and that he’d like to make another run there.

“I spend my entire offseason in Seattle,” Sherman said on ESPN Wednesday. “It’s where I live. It’s where my family is. So it’s never out of the cards. Pete and I have had conversations throughout the offseason and everything needs to shake out right. They’re still figuring things out, I’m still figuring things out.”

Sherman also said he’d be open to remaining with the 49ers, where he has played the last three seasons, although he seemed to think that would only happen if the 49ers have an injury at cornerback.

“There’s always a chance it can work out back in the Bay,” Sherman said. “It’s one of those things that would happen late or during the season if it happens at all.”

Despite some speculation that Sherman could end up in New Orleans, he said he doesn’t believe he’s what the Saints are looking for after they spent a third-round pick on cornerback Paulson Adebo.

“I think it’d be a fit, I just don’t think they have the need,” Sherman said of the Saints.

The 33-year-old Sherman, who played in just five games last season, may be waiting a while before he finds his NFL home for 2021.

14 responses to “Richard Sherman unsure where he’ll play this year, says Seahawks or 49ers are possible

  1. Kind of makes sense for him to be a rental with the cowboys. They are lacking veterans in the defensive back department.

  2. I’ve admired Sherman ever since he came on the scene. He’s a bright, articulate, honest, and comical guy who I felt was almost always “right” with the things he said while he wasn’t making any friends. I’d hoped the Patriots would sign him the first time he left the Seahags. I think he still has some good football years left in him and fully expect him to re-sign with Seattle. As I live just outside St. Louis, I got to see a lot of Sherman when he played against the Rams and he was always in the news in the Post-Dispatch sports section. He and Larry Fitzgerald are my 2 favorite non-Patriots players.

  3. Honestly, he should just go prepare for his eventual spot on Inside the NFL, GameDay, First Take or one of the other half dozen shows.

  4. Whether you agree with him or even like him He was a talented player who found success. He’s also a Stanford grad who has plenty of options outside of football.

    Currently though? He’ll probably find a team to go to. But this season is probably it.

  5. Why would you bring back this clearly declining headache in Richard Sherman and disrupt Pete’s carefully cultivated locker room chemistry? I wouldn’t let Richard Sherman within 100 feet of any my young defensive backs.

  6. Effective in his prime, now he’s a liability. Swag for days but he scares no one anymore. Interesting cat will fill a TV chair better than a starting role anywhere

  7. “I’m still figuring things out” Means teams havent offered me anything so i dont know what to do with myself

  8. He wants more money than anyone wants to pay him. But if he can swallow that pride and move into a rotational spot, he’ll be extremely valuable to either team.

  9. The two most memorable plays of his career: that tipped pass that was intercepted against the Niners in the NFC championship game, and getting smoked by Hill on the big play that brought the Chiefs back to life in the Super Bowl. The latter was 3 weeks after pronouncing himself a big game player for picking off Kurt Cousins in the divisional round, and is likely the last play people will remember about his career.

  10. But I thought florio said he was a lock to go to the Raiders

  11. He’s also kind of a conceited, hot headed jerk who made a total fool of himself after the superbowl flipping out that anyone DARED to expect Crabtree to *gasp* run a pass route against KING Richard.

    How DARE they “disrespect” him like that?

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