Sean Payton on QBs: We’re looking for a guy to lead our team this year

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Now that Drew Brees has officially retired — a move the quarterback anticipated entering the 2020 season — the Saints’ focus at signal-caller has shifted to the upcoming competition between Jameis Winston and Taysom Hill.

Even though both players have starting experience, and Hill has taken plenty of snaps at QB over the last few years with Brees in the game, head coach Sean Payton doesn’t sound like someone inclined to run a two-quarterback system.

Rich Eisen asked Payton about doing just that during an interview on Eisen’s show this week. As Payton explained it, New Orleans is looking for a clear and definitive QB1.

“I think the furthest we went with that would’ve been when everyone was healthy and Taysom was playing I’ll call it maybe eight to 10 plays at quarterback — I would never discount that. But I would say this, [Hill] knows and so does Jameis that we’re looking to find a guy that’s going to lead our team this year,” Payton said. “And that doesn’t mean the other guy is not going to have a role. But certainly, it varies. If Jameis is starting, obviously Taysom has a role that expands not only just offensively, but on special teams, etc. And if it’s the other way around, it’s probably a little bit more limited just relative to what Jameis would do.”

Payton noted that he still sees quarterback Trevor Siemian as a “young guy” and the team just drafted Notre Dame’s Ian Book. The plan is to “see what those guys have.” But Winston and Hill are the top contenders to take over for Brees.

“The transition has begun and we look at then a lot of what we’re going to do offensively based on who’s doing it and how do we put an offense around those players or that player,” Payton said. “So I think there’s a little bit in flux relative to who’s starting and then the role each player has. Some of that will be training-camp driven.”

10 responses to “Sean Payton on QBs: We’re looking for a guy to lead our team this year

  1. well they should have moved up and drafted a QB because nobody on the roster is that guy

  2. Then keep looking or go with Book, who’s basically a copy of Hill with better mechanics in the passing game.

    Winston is a pure qb but you have no idea who he will throw to.

  3. There’s not a QB on the New Orleans Saints current roster that will even come close to replacing Drew Brees’ leadership and production.

  4. Hill has talent but highly limited…
    We all witnessed Winston’s struggles to protect the ball through college and 5 years in NFL.

    Siemian may be the best of the choices to win now while developing Book to be the guy…

    ALL seem like a long shot and all but a guarantee that the Saints are sure to have a mediocre season!

  5. If they want a guy who can throw as many TDs as Brees, but also turn the ball over at a historic rate, Jameis is the guy.

  6. Payton won’t be able to tolerate Winston’s turnovers. Turnovers are just too costly. Payton will have to go with Hill and hope, despite his limitations, Hill can generate enough points to win games.

  7. Can’t wait to hear what y’all have to say when the season starts; And the Saints are clearlyThat marquee team you remember from last year! 🤣

  8. Jameis is clearly the guy to lead the team in INT’s, fumbles and sacks taken.

  9. Winston, having had Lasik and a Study year in the Saints office, will have a great season in 2021-2022 and the Saints Offense will be spectacularly successful

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