Howie Roseman: We want to see Jalen Hurts grab the job and run with it

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys
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The Eagles have elected to go all-in with quarterback Jalen Hurts for 2021.

Trading out of No. 6 overall in late March made that decision clear, though the club did jump back into the top 10 last week to select wide receiver Devonta Smith.

Hurts started just four games as a rookie, which means the upcoming season will be critical not only for his development, but also for the Eagles to evaluate him.

“Certainly you’re judging him off of four NFL starts, in a tough situation with all the injuries that we had,” General Manager Howie Roseman said during a recent interview with SiriusXM NFL Radio. “We want to see him grab the job and kind of run with it, and see what you do over a period of time.”

Roseman noted that the best way to make decisions about a player is to actually see him play. That’s part of why Hurts has the opportunity in front of him.

“We want to be in a situation where we get as much information as possible, give him the best opportunity, build that offensive line, give him the right weapons, put him in a system that really maximizes his ability, and then go from there,” Roseman said.

Head coach Nick Sirianni declared last month it was too early to say if Hurts will be the team’s Week 1 starter. But with Joe Flacco as the only other quarterback currently on the Eagles roster, it’s much more likely than not that Hurts will be QB1.

Still, if Hurts doesn’t look like a franchise quarterback in the upcoming season, Philadelphia could have the ammo needed to select one in 2022. The club has its own and Miami’s first-round pick for next year’s draft.

33 responses to “Howie Roseman: We want to see Jalen Hurts grab the job and run with it

  1. Yeah, but be ready for him to grab the job, throw it into double coverage, watch as it’s picked off and returned for a 90-yard touchdown.

  2. He has to run with it…….based on what we saw last season, he can’t throw it…….

  3. Everyone who says anything from “I’m not sure about Hurts” to “Hurts sucks” remembers the stats from the last game, v. the WFT.

    Everyone who says “that kid can ball! Can’t wait to see him crush it next year!” is remembering the game versus the Saints and some moments versus the Cowboys and Cards where he did some really good things.

    But go figure, the GM has the right idea. Give him support and if he grabs the job by being a good leader, inspiring his teammates, and making plays, then your questions about him are answered.

  4. Running with it isn’t the problem, it’s throwing that he stinks at.

  5. Jalen has the accuracy of Lamar Jackson but not his break away speed. I see him doing ok except for when he is forced to throw from the pocket. This could get ugly quick. Especially if Wentz turns things around in Indy.

  6. Roll right, throw it away. Repeat. Roll right, throw it away. Repeat. Roll…….
    Eagle fans will quickly get tired of this ritual.

  7. Jalen Hurts record as a passer in Div.1 ball shattered so many records. For a second round pick Jalen was the steal of the draft. His ability will allow him to shatter all Eagles records. Oh, did you notice he can run too. He will erase all doubts this season

  8. I guess Hurts should just retire, because the armchair quarterbacks have spoken.

    I, for one, saw a guy that has all the physical tools and displayed some good decision-making and game management skills despite being a rookie who went through a pandemic-shortened offseason and started for a team that suffered a massive wave of injuries. I’m excited to see what he can do with a full offseason and a healthy supporting cast.

  9. He had a little bit of RG3 luck in his few starts, but he’ll quickly be revealed in the same way.

    He balked when Nick Saban told him to backup Tua at Alabama and went to Oklahoma, where he continued to be a mediocre passer and ran all of the time.

    NFL defenses aren’t going to give him success with that plan a second time around. He’ll need to finally become a passer. Tim Tebow comes to mind a lot with this guy.

  10. Y’all forget how bad our offense was before hurts…no matter what his play was we were moving the ball way better when he got in…all the games except wft we saw jalen make some pretty nice throws. And let’s not forget that wft has a really good D and prob fave the buccs the most trouble in the playoffs and we still felt like we had a chance with Jalen before he was pulled. He was a rookie. Most eagles fans I know are a bit worried or taking a wait and see approach which is prob right but I’m juiced. But this season prob has more to do with what the coaching staff can do rather Jalen. I think Jalen has it in him to win some games if he’s put in the right spot.

  11. I really pity Hurts in this situation. They’re going to want him to look fantastic so they can explain away the whole Wentz situation but he’s got some third-choice coach who was hired for his ability to be a yes man for the front office so the odds of him getting solid coaching are very small.

  12. About halfway through the season when they are 4-4 Eagles fans will be talking a lot about the QBs in next year’s draft class. He can run to the right and that worked well for Vince Young for a while, although Hurts is not as big or as athletic as Young was.

  13. You ever wonder why AI will take over, look no further this Eagles franchise. It’s run by idiots. Run with it? Yeah that’s what Hurts will be doing behind that terrible OL. Great job, Howie. He was the worst QB to start a game in several years. The Eagles OL is not like Alabama’s or OU’s. Great job destroying the team.

  14. Translation – He better grab the ball and run with it or “I’ll look like a stooge”.

  15. Run…because that’s all he really can do. He certainly can’t pass, accurately…

  16. The only good thing about watching Philly go 3-14 will be watching Howie finally get fired.

  17. Yes, in 4 starts he threw 4 interceptions, but he also threw for 1000 yards and 6 TDs. Also rushed for 2 TDs. Give him a chance.

  18. Wish in one hand and do you know what in the other.

    See which one fills up first Rosman!

  19. This is about the Eagles QB room as much as it is about Hurts. Flacco was signed BECAUSE he is competitive and not content being a backup. Wentz folded under this kind of pressure. The Eagles are looking for a QB who thrives and grows under it – whoever the current starter is – Jalen Hurts or some other QB.

  20. Jaleen Hurts will never show you more than he has already shown you. He’s not that skilled. If he could not cut it at Alabama that says something. This one is just not much a QB to begin with in his resume. Don’t put more pressure on him – he can’t handle it.

  21. Hurts may or may not be the guy. But fortunately for the eagles, they can give him a shot with some weapons this year (at least Devonta) and if he isn’t the guy, they’ll have plenty of capital to go all in on getting their guy next year.

  22. I want to see someone take Howie’s job and run with it. Terrible GM.

  23. I’m a Eagles fan and I’m excited to see What Jalen Hurts , Davonte Smith ,Jalen Reagor , WR Grimes from Florida and all of the other Eagles weapons with a healthy offensive line can do.

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