Jon Gruden goes silent


When last we heard from Raiders coach Jon Gruden, he was openly tampering with a player he never tried to sign. Since then, Gruden has disappeared.

Gruden has had no pre-draft press conference, no in-draft press conference, no post-draft press conference, no press conferences at all, no press conference during the current rookie minicamp, no interviews, no anything.

Meanwhile, G.M. Mike Mayock has been front and center, on multiple occasions.

So why is Gruden suddenly silent? Is he upset that reporters noticed and commented on his obvious tampering with Richard Sherman? Or is Gruden opting for a low profile so that all personnel decisions from 2021 get pinned to Mayock, setting the stage for a G.M. change if the Raiders go four for four in failing to make the playoffs since Gruden returned to coaching?

Some believed that Mayock could be made a scapegoat after the 2020 season. Arguably, Mayock was saved by the fact that Gruden would have had a hard time finding someone as good or better, especially since he holds final say over the draft and all other personnel decisions.

Gruden has rarely if ever shut it down the way that he recently has. It wasn’t accidental. There’s a reason for it. Maybe we’ll eventually find out what it is.

27 responses to “Jon Gruden goes silent

  1. His schedule is busy with:

    1) being terrible at drafting.
    2) filming commercials.

  2. He’s too busy working out the details for a post-June designated trade of Aaron Rodgers to be talking to anyone else.

  3. On the job experience after being away for so long.

    He’s learned to keep his head in the clipboard and not be the face of everything even if he is the shot caller.

  4. Journalism in 2021 is literally just creating a story out of thin air isn’t it? If you have a question, have the courage to as the organization. Don’t simply hide behind a keyboard and manufacture a narrative.

  5. Maybe he finally came to the self-realization that he can’t open his mouth without tampering with an other team’s player.

  6. It’s nice not hearing his moronic ramblings and flapping gums. He’s a terrible coach. If it weren’t for the clown in Minnesota he would be the worst in the league.

  7. Gruden take responsibility for poor play and drafting? Not a chance. It is never his fault.

  8. Only coach worse than Gruden is his visor wearing doofas brother from another mother, Matt Nagy.

  9. When he took the job I said it was a mistake and that him having personnel decisions would be a disaster. So far I have been correct. Why do you think TB ran him out of town. He took a Super Bowl team in TB and ran them into the ground.

  10. Have a look at their war room during the draft. He is not there when they are making their selections and celebrating.

  11. #FreeMayock so he can go back to old job, draft coverage has suffered without Mike’s voice.

  12. Jon Gruden has gone silent,because he has finally realized he has turned the Las Vegas Raiders into the 2003-2008 Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

  13. To be fair they did win THEIR super bowl last year. Obviously not the actually super bowl, but beating the Kansas City Chiefs for like the second time in 30 matchups is reason for an ole victory lap!

  14. Raiders fans don’t care that Gruden doesn’t win, they just love having them as their coach.

  15. What if he’s going through some personal difficulty?
    Have we dehumanized people in sports culture merely because they are supposed to provide us entertainment?

    Or does everything have to be a Machiavellian strategy?

    Let’s bring some love, eh?

  16. He’s embarrassed and he should be. He’s been exposed as an average coach and an abysmal talent evaluator.

  17. He’s just letting all his delusional fans tell us all how Derek Carr is “actually really good!” For about the fifth straight year.

  18. I pray they don’t fire Mayock. Last thing the NFL Draft needs is salty Mike Mayock back on TV throwing hissy fits on Day 3 when his producers try to break up the minutia with a monkey announcing a draft pick. That made Mayock look like such a grumpy old curmudgeon. Like….it’s Day 3 Mike. Nobody is even WATCHING at that point and Rich Eisen is barely staying awake.

  19. touchback6 says:
    May 8, 2021 at 6:56 am

    He’s just letting all his delusional fans tell us all how Derek Carr is “actually really good!” For about the fifth straight year.


    Derek Carr isn’t the Raiders problem the rest of the Raiders are the problem.

    Half the league would line up at a chance to trade for Carr.

  20. He sucks and he knows it. Washed up!

  21. Sometimes silence is an excellent option. There are many others who should consider it.

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