Robert Saleh: Front office working “relentlessly” to sign Marcus Maye long term

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Marcus Maye will play for the Jets in 2021. The Jets want to keep him around longer.

Maye signed his one-year franchise tender, which will pay him $10.612 million this season.

Jets coach Robert Saleh said he has talked to Maye, whose signing to a long-term deal is a priority for General Manager Joe Douglas.

“We had a really nice discussion and obviously him and his agent are working with Joe on trying to get his deal done, and hopefully that happens soon,” Saleh said, via NFL Media. “I have a tremendous amount of respect for what [players] are going through. Again, you guys know my philosophy: I think these kids have earned the right to ask for whatever they can, especially when they do things the right way like [Maye] has. Joe and his staff are working relentlessly to get something done.”

Maye, 28, has 266 tackles six interceptions, 22 pass breakups, 2.5 sacks and four forced fumbles in his four seasons.

The Jets added cornerbacks Michael Carter II, Jason Pinnock, and Brandin Echols on the final day of the draft. They also picked Jamien Sherwood and Hamsah Nasirildeen, who were listed as safeties coming into the draft but were announced as linebackers by the Jets.

3 responses to “Robert Saleh: Front office working “relentlessly” to sign Marcus Maye long term

  1. reminds me of police squad when OJ was in the hospital . They tell his wife not one cop with rest until they find who did this to him and then sez now let’s get something to eat.

  2. Maybe is a good player but will soon be 28, I’d be careful giving out a long term contract

  3. I like Saleh. He has lots of energy. He’s the perfect fit for GM that wants to keep his job, even if they keep firing coaches. The trick is to allow the coach to have a lot of control over personnel, then when you lose, it was the coach’s fault. After all, the coach is doing the coaching, and the personnel stuff. The GM keeps his hands clean. Oldest trick in the book. That’s also why you don’t want to hire a coach with a proven winning record.

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