The Browns won’t be trying to trade for Aaron Rodgers

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The Packers have shown no inclination to trade Aaron Rodgers. And Rodgers is not believed to have the Cleveland Browns on his wish list of destinations. Even if both things were to occur, the Browns wouldn’t bite.

Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that the Browns aren’t interested in trading for Rodgers.

The Browns, per Cabot, are “ecstatic” that Baker Mayfield seemingly “turned the corner” in the season half of the 2020 season, leading the Browns to their first playoff appearance in 18 years and their first postseason victory since returning to the NFL in 1999 after three seasons in football limbo.

As Cabot notes, some have suggested that the Browns should offer Mayfield and more to the Packers for Rodgers. The Packers, however, would likely prefer to see what Jordan Love can do, which would require the Browns to do something else with Mayfield.

The question then would be where would Mayfield go? There are no obvious destinations for a player who, despite recent progress, remains firmly at No. 3 in this draft class, behind Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen.

Would the Browns be better with Aaron Rodgers? Few teams wouldn’t be. But why take three or four years with Rodgers when the Browns could keep trying to develop and improve Mayfield for many years beyond it?

The reality is that the Browns are choosing a longer-term approach over a quick fix. Thus, even if the Packers would trade Rodgers and even if Rodgers would want to go farther from the West Coast not closer to it, the Browns are making the right call by seeing whether Mayfield can become a player like Rodgers currently is.

33 responses to “The Browns won’t be trying to trade for Aaron Rodgers

  1. Should have happened on Draft night in Cleveland..Rodgers for Mayfield!

  2. No GM would want Mayfield over Rodgers. The Browns are not ecstatic with Mayfield contrary to another made up report from this writer.

    Mayfield’s poor footwork leads to his poor accuracy. He was 30th in the NFL with a 62.8% completion percentage. He will never get any better.

  3. Browns better be prepared to have 60 points dropped on them if Packers and Rodgers come to an agreement. They play each other this year

  4. I guess all the geniuses on here didn’t notice the one step away from AFCCG last year. With Mayfield.

  5. With all due respect to Baker, who is slowly developing into a good QB, Rogers has an edactic memory, greater mobility and an arm that can make throws only Mahones can make. At this point it doesn’t seem likely Baker will ever reach Rogers level.

  6. I guess all the geniuses will crawl back into their hole when Mayfield starts throwing picks again and you’ll be sitting there complaining about him.

  7. Why is everyone constantly trying to replace Mayfield? The Browns were 0-16 before they drafted Mayfield.

    Yes, Rodgers is better than Mayfield… but the Browns would need to trade the next 3-4 years of 1st round picks for him. And Rodgers only has 5 years left in his career. After that, the Browns would be looking at 0-16 again.

  8. I’d say there is a good case for Mayfield being better than Lamar Jackson. I mean, don’t you actually have to be able to pass the ball to be a quarterback?

    Let’s not forget this was Mayfield’s 4th head coach and third offense in his short time in the league. This year will be the true test in that he will actually have the same coaches and playback for a second year for the first time.

    Either way, Rodgers is clearly better but I don’t make that trade either. Too old and too much salary. They would have to gut the team to stay under the cap

  9. The Browns are so “ecstatic” over Mayfield’s progress that it took them months to pick up his fifth-year option. And there’s been no whisper of an extension. They’re ecstatic because Rodgers has spurned them as a possible suitor. If Rodgers put the Browns into the mix as a possible destination, they’d get un-ecstatic very quickly.

  10. Browns figured out the key to winning games with Mayfield at QB. Do everything you can to make sure he doesn’t have to actually play QB.

  11. I’m a Browns fan and I’m fine with Mayfield. He did a great job of taking care of the ball in the last 9 games of the season. The Browns have been doing a good job of running the ball, which helps take the pressure off Mayfield.

    I don’t know if he’ll ever be a high-numbers passer, is accuracy is off and on at times. But as long as he keeps progressing we’ll be fine. We’re in better shape going into this season than Pittsburgh or Cincy and Baltimore’s offense shuts down if Jackson can be contained.

    The usual “Browns are the Browns” takes are just lazy. Yes, our ownership has been a disaster since ’99 (and still is), but last season was something to build on, and Baker is a big reason for that.

  12. Listen Baker was dropped on 0-16 team. The other 2 went to playoff built teams. How many coaches, offensive coordinator s has he had. It’s amazing the haters and pure trolls Mayfield has.

  13. With all due respect to Baker, who is slowly developing into a good QB, Rogers has an edactic memory, greater mobility and an arm that can make throws only Mahones can make. At this point it doesn’t seem likely Baker will ever reach Rogers level.

    Ah ah ah….don’t forget Allen can make any of those throws too

  14. I’m happy Mayfield is the Browns QB.
    Signed, the rest of the AFC.

  15. As a Packer fan I would be ok with a Rodgers for Mayfield trade straight up.

  16. Listen Browns fans, just because you’re used to watching DeShone Kizer, Johnny Manziel, Charlie Frye, Brady Quinn, Derek Anderson (who at least had 1 good season), doesn’t mean Mayfield is a good QB. He is not. He has the best talent of any QB in the NFL, and he finished 30th in the NFL last year in completion percentage. The Browns win in spite of himself, not because of him. The excuses are hilarious. Browns fans blame the weather on his horrendous performances vs the Raiders, Eagles and Texans. You realize he plays in Cleveland right? If he can’t play in bad weather, is he going to blow if you get lucky enough to host an AFC Playoff game in bad weather? And stop with the he has had 3 different coaches in 3 years. Tom Brady had no problem learning a new system last year. The Browns fans that realize he is a below avg QB are few and far between.

  17. takemytalentstosoutheuclid,

    Go look at the stats from last year. They’re pretty comparable except one guy has better receivers and RBs. But if it helps you sleep at night thinking Mayfeild is better, knock yourself out. I’d probably convince myself of that too if my team had taken him #1 too but guys later in the draft were outperforming him with equal or worse supporting talent.

  18. Rodgers is way better than Mayfield. But would the browns be better with Rodgers? I dont think they would. Prob same result as both teams have faired lately. His soft self would get his feeling hurt in Cleveland right after starting 0-3

  19. Looks like the Baker haters are out in force today. Save your venom kids. The pundits thrive on suckers like you buying into such nonsense as Rogers being traded to Cleveland. That trade is about as likely as either the Squealers or the Cowboys going to the Super Bowl. In other words, ain’t gonna happen.

  20. The Browns are building a really strong defense, and Baker Mayfield is very close to being able to win big games. I’m not sure how close he is to his ceiling, but as the Browns’ defense keeps improving, Mayfield might not have to become an elite QB to win a super bowl.

  21. Almost forgot… Baker also thrives on the hate and doubt.Keep bringing it. It’ll be put to good use while he’s planting more flags in Jerry World & Heinz field among many others.

  22. The Browns are not better than the Packers talent wise. Look at the pro bowl list last year, the Packers had more pro bowlers. So if Rodgers is not happy with the Packers not surrounding him with talent, he would not like the Browns. It would be a downgrade.

  23. Nah, Mayfield is a Brown. That dude is about his team and the city. It’d be a n-brainer to try a trade like that, but I rather roll with the guy who has fought through some lean times from the jump.

  24. jkk60 says:
    May 9, 2021 at 2:54 pm
    Listen Baker was dropped on 0-16 team. The other 2 went to playoff built teams. How many coaches, offensive coordinator s has he had. It’s amazing the haters and pure trolls Mayfield has.
    Agreed. The trolls on here(mostly the same 2), should be more worried about their crappy teams(cough Steelers, Cowboys), than what the Browns are doing.

  25. So looking at it objectively and telling the truth about the matter is hating now? Okay. Baker Mayfeild is developing okay. He’s not more than an average QB yet. They hid him last year when they won. Hopefully he keeps coming along, but that’s just the truth. Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen are better. I mean who is hating by saying that? Buffalo hadn’t made the playoffs in 30 years, and Baltimore was sputtering to 9-7 finishes or worse every year since they won the Super Bowl, so stop it. The Browns are not the same woeful team that they stripped of talent to get picks for years under Hue Jackson. It was a complete makeover by Mayfeield’s second year.

  26. Sans injury, the Browns would almost certainly win a SB with Rodgers. They probably won’t with Mayfield. He’s a very slightly above average QB. Is a SB worth several years of lesser drafts. Yes, it is. One of the few teams to have never made the SB, the Browns would relish that forever.

  27. trading for a possible 2 year SB run in return for complete roster decimation and a quick return to consecutive 3-13 years? No thanks.
    no question Rodgers is a better QB now (he’s better than all but 1 or 2 QBs in the NFL) but he’s 10 or 11 years older and would cost more than a “king’s ransom”.

  28. I still wonder how good Mayfield actually is (I like his commercials). I’m seriously curious if Browns’ fans are happy with Mayfield as their QB?

  29. Browns would have less wins with Rogers than they have with Mayfield. Baker has done more to extend plays and help his team out with his legs than anyone gives him credit for which is something Aaron Rodgers just isn’t doing especially at this point in his career. On top of that I’d put the Browns team at #2 behind the Ravens last season but about even with the Bills vs saying Baker himself is the third best QB in his draft class as there is nothing that has happened to show that the Browns would have been better with Lamar or Josh Allen the fact that people are pointing out “easy throws” he misses in games where he has 4 TD’s is the definition of knit picking. Not to mention the other two have had much better coaching. The Giants had 0 TD’s during that Thursday night game last season where Freddie Kitchens was calling the plays which shows how affective he is as a play caller yet we’re blaming Baker for 2019? The fact that Bakers stats wise is pretty much on par with them even though he’s had a different coach every year shows the level of talent he has. Especially since Cleveland is the only team of the three that doesn’t depend on their QB to do everything and is the only team that wasn’t a playoff team prior to their drafted QB getting there. Reality is Baker did something 20+ QB’s in the league couldn’t do and that’s make the Browns a winner and something 0 QB’s in the entire state of Ohio has been able to do this millennium which is get an Ohio team a playoff win. Lamar has yet to get his team as far as Flacco did and Josh Allen has gotten his team slightly farther than Tyrod Taylor did a few years before so it’s not like they’ve had to deal with the same adversity as Baker.

  30. We’re not shocked.

    Signed: Everyone in Ohio.

    P.S. – Next you should start the rumor that the Ravens want Rogers to get a SB title.
    Spoiler alert: They won’t do it either. And nobody will be shocked when they decline.

    After that, you should start the rumor that the Bengals want Rogers to get a SB title.
    Spoiler alert: They won’t do it either. And nobody will be shocked when the decline.

    After that, Steelers. See the pattern here?

  31. Solid take mrfrostyj

    Many, many folks who talk alot but don’t watch football games discredited Tom Brady last year, look how that worked out. Mayfield will be just fine.

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