Broncos reach deal with fifth-round safety Caden Sterns

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Fifth-round safety Caden Sterns reached an agreement on his four-year rookie contract with the Denver Broncos, according to Ryan O’Halloran of the Denver Post.

Per Mike Kils of 9NEWS, the deal is worth a total of $3,810,584 with a $330,584 signing bonus.

Sterns is the first of Denver’s 10-man draft class to reach a deal with the team. The Broncos class was headlined by Alabama cornerback Patrick Surtain II with the ninth overall pick in the draft.

The Broncos rookie mini-camp is this weekend.

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  1. Unfortunately, young people rarely understand finances. 3 million dollars sounds like an infinite amount of money but the vast majority of people who suddenly come across that kind of money (lottery winners, athletes and inheritences) runs out of money within 5 years. It’s fairly likely that he’ll forfeit 500K of this money to income taxes. He’ll likely pop for a new set of wheels and help out a person or two who has been important to him. Old friends and cousins often show up and help him spend the money. All that attention is addictive and poof the money’s gone. Just ask Mike Tyson or Larry Byrd. If I were advising him I’d suggest he buy a modest apartment building and live on the cash flow of $3000/mo for the rest of his days. There are countless 20-somethings who would love an automatic income like that. Then if he gets a bigger contract later, he can give himself a modest raise.

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