Justin Jefferson is studying other NFL receivers to try to better himself

Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings
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Justin Jefferson had one of the greatest rookie seasons of any receiver ever with 88 receptions for 1,400 yards and seven touchdowns. He had more receiving yards than Randy Moss or any Super Bowl-era receiver had as a rookie.

The Vikings star wideout, though, isn’t satisfied.

It’s why he’s been working hard at House of Athlete in Weston, Florida, and why he will show up for organized team activities next week at the team facility.

“There’s a lot of stuff I need to fix,” Jefferson said Tuesday, via Andrew Krammer of the Star Tribune. “Definitely don’t want to put bad film on tape. Just got to keep improving on my game, trying to be versatile — trying to do some inside and outside [alignments] — just trying to learn from whoever I can. Just been watching some of the best receivers in the league and trying to learn from them and pick up some new moves.”

His offseason film study has included Davante Adams, Odell Beckham Jr. and Keenan Allen.

“Been watching Davante Adams a lot, he’s one of my favorite receivers,” Jefferson said. “They have some fancy footwork and nice moves they put on their routes. Definitely trying to steal some of their moves and add it on to mine.”

Jefferson already is good, having earned Pro Bowl honors his first season. He wants to be not only better but the best.

8 responses to “Justin Jefferson is studying other NFL receivers to try to better himself

  1. That really is the type of preparation that you look for in a generational talent. Let’s hope he keeps this drive alive for his entire career and he will truly be something special.

  2. This is a great young receiver without a prima donna attitude. Mark my words, he’ll be far better than the receiver he replaced in Minnesota.

  3. There are lots of things a WR can do to help his team win. A WR might get 8 or 9 balls thrown his way, but he’s on the field for maybe 50 or 60 plays. What does he do those other 40 or 50 plays when the ball isn’t thrown to him. Is he running strong routes to draw the safety to him, freeing up the other receivers? Is he blocking downfield on runs or short screens, helping to turn short runs into long runs. Is he thinking ahead, and doing things to show something to the DB to set him up for something he’s going to do later? I might suggest getting some old tapes of Hines Ward, and watch some of the things he does when the ball isn’t thrown his way. Making a key block that springs a long TD run is just as important as receiving stats. Your teammates love it, too. Making a key block on a game winning run is better than 200 yards receiving in a loss.

  4. Can’t get much better in regards to current WRs to learn from than Adams

    – a Vikings fan

  5. Should try watching other QB’s then fedex the game tape to Cousins so he can learn how to orchestrate a drive.

  6. I dont think it’s going out on a limb to say these wideouts best be studying JJ if they want to better their game.

  7. This is all so good to hear. With all the divas out there crowing about what they’re done, this kid is focusing on what he can do in the future. Refreshing. I hope it lasts.

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