Bears QBs coach: Justin Fields has been “very coachable” so far

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After the Bears traded up to draft quarterback Justin Fields, head coach Matt Nagy said everyone will know when it’s the right time to start the No. 11 overall pick.

That could be as soon as Week One, when the Bears take on the Rams to start the 2021 Sunday Night Football slate.

It will be a while until Chicago can make that determination, but Fields appears off to a good start with his new team. Speaking to the media on Wednesday, quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo said Fields has been “very coachable” through the Zoom meetings they’ve had so far.

“Obviously we’ll know a lot more about Justin after this weekend [at rookie minicamp] in terms of where he’s at mentally and the way he processes and thinks and those things,” DeFilippo said, via Patrick Finley of the Chicago Sun-Times. “It’s hard to tell over Zoom until you really get your hands on a player. I think we’ll know a lot more after this weekend in terms of where he’s at from a mentally processing standpoint.”

As for that timeline, DeFilippo echoed his boss’ sentiment.

“Like [Nagy] said, I think we’ll all know when it’s Justin’s time to go win a football game,” DeFliippo said. “I’m a big believer in that as well.”

Chicago has Andy Dalton to keep the seat warm until Fields is ready to start. Super Bowl LII MVP Nick Foles also remains on the team’s roster.

11 responses to “Bears QBs coach: Justin Fields has been “very coachable” so far

  1. I want to hear the coach or GM who bashes the 1st round QB they just took. Coachable? What has he coached him to do?

  2. Justin Fields is VERY coachable. A coach can really push Justin Fields like Steve Young. I’m not mat at the Trey Lance pick but I think Justin Fields was Steve Young 2.0 which would have been perfect for our offense. Hopefully he can be D McNabb or Pat Mahomes for the Bears’ version of Andy Reid’s offense.

  3. That Andy Dalton signing turned out to be as great a move as everyone said it was. Nick Foles, who they’re also paying, could easily be keeping the bench warm for Fields.

  4. So the first 45 minutes has gone great. I look forward to another update after lunch.

  5. Could a coach give a less enthusiastic response than “very coachable”? Does that mean that Fields nods his head when the coach says something?

    I hope that things work out for Fields. From what I know, he’s a class act. Having said that, Chicago is where quarterbacks go to ruin their careers.

    Name the last great quarterback that played for the Bears………

  6. “Okay, Justin…If you click on the little microphone in the lower left corner, that will allow me to hear what you’re saying. Hey, great job! You really can take instruction without fighting against it!”

  7. Coachable, wow thats a strange word. LIke saying, he’s doing a lot wrong but we can change all that. Rather then wow, this guy can do it all.

  8. This is a great update for the Bears! Super Bowl is coming soon, he’s very coachable on Zoom!

  9. The real coachable moment will be when Andy gets yanked for missing on a few plays, then Nick, then Justin gets his chance and after not scoring a touchdown because Nagy thinks his offensive is unstoppable and his play calling can’t be matched when he throws Justin under the bus with Andy, Nick and Mitchell (and all the others QB’s) t take blame for a bad offense. Just because he was on the Andy’s staff, where the offense and play calling is all Andy, doesn’t me he can coach or actually design an offense for the talent on the team.

  10. Wow, these comments show that very few have used Zoom video conferencing. Football is more than on the field activities there is a lot of classroom study.

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