Jason Licht says Bucs gave Tom Brady heads up they could draft a quarterback

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers General Manager Jason Licht said Tuesday that he and head coach Bruce Arians gave quarterback Tom Brady forewarning that they may be adding to the quarterback room through the NFL Draft before their selection of Florida’s Kyle Trask in the second round

“Bruce and I did mention to him leading up to the draft that we might take a quarterback,” Licht said on the Rich Eisen Show. “We would do that with any great quarterback, let alone the G.O.A.T.”

With Brady having expressed a desire to continue playing for several more seasons, drafting a quarterback that early in the draft could lead to some uncertainty and hurt feelings if it comes as a surprise blow to the incumbent party. The Buccaneers need to look no further than the way the Jordan Love selection last year by the Green Bay Packers has fueled a rift between Aaron Rodgers and the Packers front office after he was caught off guard by the pick.

“Yeah, I gave him that heads up,” Licht added. “He almost responded ‘I appreciate you for letting me know. You didn’t need to let me know, but I appreciate it. Whatever we have to do to make the team better.'”

Licht said that he believes Brady could play another seven seasons in the NFL all the way up until age 50. If he plays seven more seasons in Tampa, Trask won’t get the chance to get a shot during the four years of his rookie contract with the team. But Trask’s selection with serve as a hedge for the future if Brady’s play falls off or if he seeks a new opportunity after his contract voids following the 2022 season.

17 responses to “Jason Licht says Bucs gave Tom Brady heads up they could draft a quarterback

  1. Brady’s not a big softie like Rodgers, so it wouldn’t have been an issue regardless as Tom knows he’s better than any rookie they could’ve brought in

  2. Tampa Bay is the best Bay.

  3. Exhibit A: See Brady’s response to this situation

    Exhibit B: See Rodger’s response to this situation

    This may or may not have something to do with one of them having won a bunch of championships and the other having just one. And I am by no means a Pats or Bucs fan.

  4. In a work environment where employees (players) are a hit away from having their careers end, it is prudent to have potential replacements.. Bob in accounting might have a 40 year career, but in the NFL it doesn’t work like that. Players should assume (especially as they get oldrr) the team is going to draft potential replacements. If you are still performing at a high level – you have nothing to worry about.- you will still have a job. If your play slips, well like in any career your job could be at risk.

    If this is too hard for your ego, then perhaps you are in the wrong line of work

  5. Brady wouldn’t have batted an eye at this. He never has and this is why he is the GOAT.

  6. Yeah Bucs better alert a 90 year old QB that he may not be able to play forever. LMAO

  7. If the Bucs had not informed Brady they were going to pick a QB, instead of throwing a hissy fit and creating drama, he’d use it as motivation to perform better. That’s why he’s THE G-O-A-T and the others, goats.

  8. TB12 is use to it. Jimmy G as a second round. Brisset in the 3rd round. BB has always said the second most important position on the team is QB2. And there is a huge difference between drafting a guy who falls to you and trading up in the first round.

  9. That’s how a true professional handles it Aaron. Take another lesson why you will never be associated with being a GOAT. TB12 isn’t afraid of having a rookie added to the rooster and having some competition or giving him pointers to play in the NFL. If I’m running the Packers, I telling Crybaby Rodgers to get ready to retire and ride off to the sunset.

  10. “We would do that with any great quarterback, let alone the G.O.A.T.”
    Feels like a direct shot at Gute. I like it.

  11. Unlike the Packers, the Bucs didn’t really have any pressing needs. The team is stacked, may as well get a QB to develop.

  12. Of course they gave him a heads up, as a gesture of respect to the player who commands the most respect.

  13. The Love pick was bad because A) They were a contender and REALLY could have used that first-round pick for some immediate help and B) It was a huge reach and Love wasn’t first-round material (or possibly even NFL-capable at all). But all that being said, teams mess up draft picks all the time without their star players flipping out. And I don’t care how great you are still playing, by the time you pass the age of 35 teams are going to start thinking ahead.

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