John Kuhn reiterates Aaron Rodgers problem is “fixable”

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Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers still isn’t talking about his situation. Surrogates of Rodgers continue to do so on his behalf.

Last week, former teammates John Kuhn and James Jones made it clear that they believe, based on conversations with Rodgers, that the situation can be repaired. Kuhn, appearing Wednesday on NFL Network, reiterated his confidence that a solution can be achieved.

“I’m sure contract is part of that,” Kuhn said. “I’m sure that years guaranteed is a part of that. Not just being a highest-paid quarterback or the highest paid at your position. But I believe the security going forward is a part of that, and I also believe being on the same page as having open communication where all sides feel like they are being heard. Aaron and I are friends. We spent a decade of our lives together in the same meeting rooms, on the same practice field. So we do talk. And quite frankly this is something that I believe is fixable.”

Much has been made of multiple reports that the Packers have at some point this offseason offered to make Rodgers the highest paid player in football. That’s irrelevant without more information regarding the extent to which the Packers would be tied to Rodgers beyond 2021. He wants — and has wanted for months — a commitment that helps him avoid the one-year-at-a-time power that Packers currently possess. Amount of contract is secondary to a structure that makes it impossible, as a practical matter, to trade him in 2022 or 2023.

As long as Rodgers has friends speaking on his behalf and saying the situation is fixable, it’s fair to believe that this message isn’t being sent without the quarterback’s approval (otherwise, he won’t be talking to them much longer). He seems to be laying the foundation to show up and call out anyone who had the audacity to point out that his chasm/fissure with the Packers was the big deal that it clearly has become.

40 responses to “John Kuhn reiterates Aaron Rodgers problem is “fixable”

  1. Just because it is fixable doesn’t mean the Packers want to fix it to the extent of Aarons’s demands.

  2. Didn’t Kuhn hear??? It’s already been fixed with the signing of Bortles

  3. Now, that Kuhn’s done this at least twice, it seems to me he’s putting the onus on the Packers, as if Rodgers would return if…

    It’s assumed Rodgers wants to return. Yeah, if he gets the money, which this is really all about despite all the other nonsense. show him the money and he’s no longer that upset Jordan Love was traded up for, nor is he all that upset about not getting weapons.

    Give him a little Rod Tidwell love. Show him the money. Problem solved.

  4. Who knows how much drama Aaron’s put them through behind the scenes over the years. Maybe the Packers don’t want to fix it to his liking and are ready to move on.

  5. “…….he seems to be laying the foundation to show up and call out anyone who had the audacity to point out that his chasm/fissure with the Packers was the big deal that it clearly has become.”

    He’s within all his rights to do so. He hasn’t spoken a word. Maybe his indictment isn’t against the Packers. Maybe it’s against sports journalism and the propensity to create and promote and sustain something from nothing. I guess we’ll see!

  6. Gives Rodgers a way to get out of the corner he painted himself into without losing too much face. Assuming the Packers want to let him off the hook by making some minor concession. Which they may not want to do. This IS fun.

  7. So Rodgers is OK with his friends talking to the media about his situation, but he’s not going to say a word himself publicly?
    He apparently has no idea how bad this makes him look.

  8. I just cannot take Aaron Rodgers passive aggressive whining anymore. If he wants a longer-term contract, just come out and say it. They would probably do it. This beautiful mystery I want so and so fired nonsense is just ridiculous. This guy is so enormously talented and tough, but his passive aggressive attitude just drives me nuts.

  9. Like everyone is always saying, if it’s not coming from Rodgers, does it really mean anything?

  10. Aaron is stuck. If he quits, he gives up $45M. And, at this point no other team is going to give up multiple 1st round picks and give him a new contract. He’s playing for the Packers this year

  11. Why is this guy the spokesman for Rodgers? Aaron STILL hasnt said he wants out.

  12. So if Rodgers gets what he wants, he returns. Oh, my goodness.

    Is it the Green Bay Packers or The Aaron Rodgers Team?

    There’s a reason surgeons cut out a cancer.

  13. After looking at Green Bay’s schedule, I can see why Rodgers wants out. It is going to be a rough year and his stats are going to take a hit.

  14. I don’t believe this is about being the highest paid player in the league. It has everything to do with out year guarantees that tie the Rodgers and the Packers together for 4 more years, which would make Love a free agent after his original 4 year contract expires. And Rodgers will be 41. Rodgers is vindictive – he wants it known that the Packers, specifically, the GM completely wasted a D1 pick. That’s what he wants.

  15. I lived my life in an environment where loyalty and integrity were expected. I don’t like Aaron Rodgers because he has zero integrity. That’s why I’m hoping the Packers really stick it to him. Rodgers signed a humongous contract and he is legally required to live up to his end of the “bargain.” If you can call a $134,000,000 contract including a $57,500,000 signing bonus, and $98,700,000 of it guaranteed, a “bargain.”

  16. Or… this has all been nothing more than media driven foolishness.

  17. What is there to even fix? What has Rodgers (not media) actually said that needs fixing?

  18. Lol yeah I’m sure the guy who has not played for years knows what’s going on

  19. “I can’t believe how much Kuhn knows about this situation.” -Nobody

  20. Pay Bortles 30 million, and cut Rodgers loose June 2nd. Problem solved.

  21. I love these people who don’t believe there’s a problem because they haven’t heard it from Aaron himself. Don’t you think the fact that his closest friends are saying there’s a problem and Aaron isn’t saying anything to dispel the notion that there’s a problem means anything? You are going to be very surprised when he doesn’t show up to OTAs.

  22. No doubt he is speaking on Rodgers behalf. Trying to save reputation with Packers fans before he is traded.

  23. This blew my mind when I heard Blake Bortles has equal playoff wins as Aaron Rodgers since 2017.

  24. I’ve been a big Rodgers fan since his days at Cal but the way he’s played this out in the media like a petulant child has really sullied his reputation with team and fans alike. He may ultimately get his wish of a monster contract to stay and (unfortunately) the team and everyone involved will work to make his stance a nonissue or the Pack’s FO will take the blame to make him look more the victim than the villain. Which is unfortunate because when most of us act this way we need to face the music.

    My feelings about AR have dropped considerably and to me he’s pretty much on the same level as Brent Favre now. The only way out is to ball yourself to another Super Bowl or two.

  25. This is a battle of egos between Rodgers and Gutekunst . Now the question is who blinks first . Thinking Gutekunst is indicating he will be the first to cave with the recent statement that Love still has a long way to go . Thinking it will be a 3 yr guarantee by reworking Rodgers present contract that will keep him in Green Bay through 2024 when he will be 40 . At that point the Packers can pick up Loves 5th year option which won’t be that expensive and move on from Rodgers . Based on the current Packers roster this team has a 2-3 yr window of contending so moving on from Rodgers will make more sense for both if he still wants to play just like Brady .

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