Browns at Steelers closes out ESPN’s Monday Night Football 2021 schedule

NFL: NOV 16 Vikings at Bears
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The NFL announced its 2021 schedule on Wednesday night.

The includes 17 games on ESPN’s Monday Night Football. It does not feature a doubleheader on the first Monday night of the season.

ESPN also will air a Week 18 Saturday doubleheader. Those games, which will kickoff at 4:15 p.m. and 8:15 p.m. ET, also will air on ABC with the matchups determined closer to Week 18 to ensure playoff implications.

All ESPN Monday Night Football games kickoff at 8:15 p.m. ET.

Here’s the full Monday Night Football schedule.

Week 1: Ravens at Raiders

Week 2: Lions at Packers

Week 3: Eagles at Cowboys

Week 4: Raiders at Chargers

Week 5: Colts at Ravens

Week 6: Bills at Titans

Week 7: Saints at Seahawks

Week 8: Giants at Chiefs

Week 9: Bears at Steelers

Week 10: Rams at 49ers

Week 11: Giants at Buccaneers

Week 12: Seahawks at Washington Football Team

Week 13: Patriots at Bills

Week 14: Rams at Cardinals

Week 15: Vikings at Bears

Week 16: Dolphins at Saints

Week 17: Browns at Steelers

7 responses to “Browns at Steelers closes out ESPN’s Monday Night Football 2021 schedule

  1. Steelers should be resting players for that game…oh wait a minute, you don’t rest players when you’re in last place in the division.

  2. Bears two Monday night games? Didn’t know they were must watch tv…

  3. Browns at Steelers. I’m warning you Browns fan, this year will not be kind to you. Don’t shoot the messenger. Browns fans tend to be the most delusional, myopic thin skinned fan base in the World. Mayfield isn’t good. Chubb is an elite RB and Top 3 RB in the NFL. Hunt is really good. Beckham, Landry, and Hooper are really good, yet your fan base is in love with scrubs like Mayfield and Higgins. You make no sense Browns fan. Mayfield is the only QB in the NFL that could freeze out Beckham and Hooper

  4. By week 7 the Saints should really be settled in on who their QB will be, making this an interesting game.

  5. I see Raiders, Ravens, Giants, Steelers, and Bears each twice. With 17 games you’d think each of the 32 teams could get in…

    Who is missing? New York Jets, Cincinnati, Houston, Denver, Atlanta, and Sweet Carolina.

    In other words: 6 of the 9 worst teams from last year, based on record. I’d wager at least one of those six makes the playoffs in a surprise twist. The question is: who will it be?

  6. what garbage for the chiefs….giants?
    chiefs should have a Monday night game against the raiders every year

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