Teddy Bridgewater thinks Panthers should improve their practice schedule

Carolina Panthers v Minnesota Vikings
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Teddy Bridgewater spent last year as the Panthers’ starting quarterback. This year, Bridgewater is in Denver, but he has some parting advice for his former team: Improve your practice schedule.

Bridgewater said that under first-year head coach Matt Rhule and first-year offensive coordinator Joe Brady, the Panthers didn’t spend as much time on elements of the game like the two-minute offense and red zone work as an NFL team needs.

“As an organization there’s things you can do better,” Bridgewater said on the podcast hosted by Bryant McFadden and Patrick Peterson. “I’ll just say this, for Joe Brady’s growth, that organization, they’ll have to practice different things in different ways. One thing we didn’t do much of when I was there, we didn’t practice two minute, really. We didn’t practice red zone. . . . You walk through the red zone stuff and then Saturday you come out and practice red zone, but you’d only get like 15 live reps. Guys’ reps would be limited.”

Bridgewater said he takes the responsibility for his own shortcomings last season, saying, “I understand the nature of this business and it’s a performance-based business.” But he clearly thinks the coaching staff could stand to improve its own performance.

19 responses to “Teddy Bridgewater thinks Panthers should improve their practice schedule

  1. Even if it’s well intentioned, publicly criticizing your old coaches doesn’t accomplish anything… Sometimes just don’t open your mouth

  2. Why does he want to help improve his old team? I know he’s a nice guy and all but… C’mon Man!

  3. Even for a good guy, like Teddy Bridgewater, it is always someone else’s fault.

  4. It’s weird how everyone just assumes Rhule is a good NFL head coach. What evidence is there of that exactly?

  5. Hmmmm…these things are always easier to say once you don’t have any “dog in the hunt”, shall we say.

  6. Teddy had better keep his head in Denver and worry about practicing there

  7. It’s hard to believe red zone and two-minute drills aren’t a big part of Panther practices. I mean, seriously, given how close many NFL games are, I’d think every team made both of these high priorities prior to game days. I liked Bridgewater, but I’m taking these comments with a grain of salt and a side of sour grapes.

  8. Your QB is the face of your franchise, and when your QB starts running his mouth, saying bad things about one of the many teams that have let him go, it’s just not pretty. I’m sure Denver is not real impressed.

  9. And the Panthers have some parting advice for Teddy Bridgewater: improve your quarterbacking skills.

  10. Teddy, that was planned the day you signed with the Panthers. The front office can say- well, we gave him a chance. It’s called Sabotage.

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