Tom Brady trolls “America’s Team”

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants
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The Buccaneers open the 2021 season with a banner raising and (hopefully) a barnburner against the Cowboys. Quarterback Tom Brady, however, doesn’t think much of Tampa’s opponent.

More accurately, he doesn’t think Tampa’s opponent has lived up to its nickname.

“9/9 Can’t come soon enough . . . excited to open against ‘America’s Team,'” Brady posted on Instagram, with a photo of himself in celebratory mode and the Wandavision wink gif above it.

Brady has a point. The Cowboys last played in a Super Bowl in 1995. Brady, since 2001, has played in 10 of them. The Cowboys haven’t even been back to the conference championship; Brady has played in a conference championship 14 times since 2001.

The problem is that the “America’s Team” moniker became baked for the Cowboys in back in the ’70s. They kept it without question during a 14-year break between Super Bowl appearances, from 1978 to 1992. That seems like a quick breather at this point, however, as the Cowboys go 26 years and counting between opportunities to win a championship.

From V to VI to X to XII to XIII to XXVII to XXVIII to XXX, the Cowboys had eight Super Bowl appearances in 25 years. In 25 since then, none.

Meanwhile, Brady has 10 Super Bowl appearances in 20 years. Thus, regardless of whether the Cowboys are still America’s Team, Brady deserves a far more sweeping and grandiose nickname for what he’s done, especially since he’s still not done.

9 responses to “Tom Brady trolls “America’s Team”

  1. Sounds like somebody’s bitter that nobody likes him. Dallas Cowboys will always be America’s Team, no matter who else wins any Super Bowls.

  2. “Dallas Cowboys will always be America’s Team, no matter who else wins any Super Bowls.”
    America likes winners. The Cowboys have not been winners in a long time. They are not America’s team. I would bet as many people like to see the lose as see them win.

  3. Love this! TB12 is pretty funny now that he’s not living the Patriot way.

  4. I’m a Cowboys fan but Tom Brady can say what he wants. He’s earned the right IMO. A lot of my fellow brethren love to lean on ancient history and are offended. Hard to help Homers sometimes.

  5. LOL at the idea that a marketing slogan with no delivery behind it has any meaning. Cowboys & Jones can use that saying all they want and the bulk of us are free to ignore it.

  6. JuJu Smith said ‘Browns is the Browns.’ and got blamed for motivating the Browns. Brady does this and it’s cute?

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