Antonio Brown is sued for altercation with driver of moving truck

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One lawsuit closes, another lawsuit opens.

Not long ago, Buccaneers receiver Antonio Brown settled a lawsuit for sexual assault and rape. Now, Brown has been sued again.

Via Matt Baker of the Tampa Bay Times, the driver of the moving truck with whom Brown had an altercation last year has filed a civil suit.

Brown, along with his trainer Glenn Holt, have been sued for battery and assault. The driver, Anton Tumanov, contends that the two men verbally and physically attacked when Tumanov attempted to deliver Brown’s belongings from his short stint in California, after he was traded to the Raiders.

The litigation seeks more than $30,000 in compensation for bodily injuries, financial losses, and mental anguish. Brown previously pleaded no contest to criminal charges arising from the incident.

The league already has imposed discipline against Brown, following the no-contest plea. Thus, the lawsuit should expose him to no new punishment under the Personal Conduct Policy.

24 responses to “Antonio Brown is sued for altercation with driver of moving truck

  1. I see this being settled quick, because 30 grand for a guy like him is cheap go away money, and if Brown decided to fight it he’d end up with more in legal fees than if he simply settled. Add to that the fact he pled no contest to the charges in criminal court, so what’s his argument going to be on the civil side? I wasn’t there? He’s gotta settle

  2. Mask mandates being removed, people going back to work, and AB84 getting sued. The world truly is healing.

  3. I usually think that all these people are just after money grabs….but I believe this guy has a legitimate beef. Maybe it really is just mental health with AB….but he sure does come off as a bad seed.

  4. Sometimes I don’t even need to know the details to feel like the plaintiff should sue for every penny he can. Brown is a bad guy, enabled by the NFL and enable by his talent. Once he’s out of the league (and broke from the lawsuits), he’ll find his way to prison pretty quickly.

  5. AB is the poster child for tremendous talent, tremendous knucklehead, even infringing on downright criminal sometimes. Dude is a complete mental case and you never know whether you’re dealing with Mr Big Chest, AB, or one of his other personalities. Professionally, they have to treat him with kids’ gloves, can only be productive in a handful of situations and isn’t worth the headache…..unless your roster is stacked and with a leader like TB12 to keep him under control.

  6. I’m still trying to figure how this guy is still playing. Yeah I know the Bucs won the SB with him on the team but continuing to have him as part of that organization says a lot about coaching, ownership and management. It’s painfully obvious he is not a nice person.

  7. If those “mental anguish” charges come up Brown better hope they don’t call in his past coaches to testify against him or he’s toast.

  8. Brown is a few fries short of a Happy Meal. That guy really has something wrong with his brain.

  9. 30k, the man’s being reasonable. A drop in the bucket for AB. Don’t perpetuate the past. Pay him and move on.

  10. Brown was supposedly suspended 8 games by the league last year, but never actually missed any games – he didn’t sign with the Bucs until halfway through the season, and he played in every game after that. How can a suspension be a suspension if he didn’t actually miss any games when officially on a team roster? Seems like the NFL likes to help out whatever team has Tom Brady on it.

  11. Just so long as money makes it go away all is right with the world… Meanwhile, in today’s era, if you’re just a normal wage earning dude having a bad day and cuss someone out people will come after you, badger you, cancel you, your job, and your life. Sure is a level playing field this world has created, sad that a guy like AB gets off for every instance the rest of us would be in jail for.

  12. My advice to Antonio Brown would be to cash this guy out ASAP, and put the whole thing in the rearview. He shouldn’t want tis to linger.

  13. Fact that this is only $30K, I agree with the rest of the posters here, just pay regardless of what who is guilty. But be sure it does not open him up for other follow on lawsuits.

  14. AT LEAST 30 grand. Those are the key words. It’ll cost him more than that.

  15. AB earned the money from being a great NFL wide out, then loses much of it being a simple fool.

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