Justin Fields: Of course I’m doing everything I can to earn the starting QB job

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Officially, the Bears are referring to Andy Dalton as their starting quarterback. Realistically, rookie quarterback Justin Fields wasn’t drafted to stand on the sideline.

Fields said today that he hopes to start and wouldn’t be the player he is if he weren’t going to do everything in his power to convince coach Matt Nagy to put him under center in Week One.

“Of course I think everybody on our team should be striving for a starting job, and if you’re not there’s no reason for you to be here,” Fields said. “So of course I’m going to do everything I can to get that starting job. It’s not up to me. Coach Nagy has a set plan for my development, but I’m just going to work hard, keep my head down and keep grinding it out every day.”

That is exactly what the Bears want to hear from the man they hope is their franchise quarterback — and they hope performs well enough in the coming months to start in Week One.

21 responses to “Justin Fields: Of course I’m doing everything I can to earn the starting QB job

  1. This is a guy I can really get behind. If your getting paid to carry a clip board forever your name is probably McCown.

  2. Andy “not great at anything in particular” Dalton is going to be a lock for the superbowl. Book it.

  3. If he has “it”, I don’t think you can ruin a young QB by starting him as a rookie. The great ones find a way.

    If Dak, Watson, Russ, Herbert etc. can succeed as rookies, Fields definitely can. He’s going to be a superstar in this league and should start immediately if he’s even close to Andy Dalton in training camp.

  4. You can tell this guy must have taken a media relations class in college. He says all the right things.
    But everyone knows the job is his already. The coaching staff & front office are on the hot seat. They aren’t going to park him on the bench.

  5. Fields was pretty disappointed when he was drafted by the Bears. Can’t blame him.

  6. I miss joe and his unhealthy obsession with the Bears owning his Lions and Raiders. past two out of three years the Bears have made the playoffs and if this kid works out, looks like Ryan Pace may have saved his job. Good things coming in Chicago, not in Detroit or Vegas anytime soon though….

  7. The QB drought is over! I’m in favor of McCasky’s approval to move up. This will be a better deal than the miners when reviewed in a couple of years

  8. BUST! Funny how nobody mentions his stats in the Big 10 title game. 12/27 0 TDs 2 INTs. Only thing the experts talk about is that fluke performance vs Clemson. He was terrible against the other ranked team on his schedule vs Indiana also throwing 3 picks. Why no mention of these games by the media?

  9. Word is, he’s not that good playing indoor stadiums. He’d prefer playing Justin Fields! 😘😬🙄

  10. It’s hard for Qb’s who play for the Bears to play at Soldier Field. It’s old school, it’s windy. If your nickname is the Windy City I would think they should build a dome or QBs are going to fail for years. There’s a reason why the Defense is always good and the running game is always good, because no one can throw the ball in that stadium.

  11. I’m still amazed Fields wasn’t drafted earlier. I was pissed as a Packers fan when the Bears drafted him. I like him and his attitude though, and I’ll root for him in non-Packers games just like I did for players like Brian Urlacher and Megatron because they’re so fun to watch.

  12. Get used to watching games from sideline. Charting plays and learning the playbook. Getting seconds on coffee. Doing unknown car insurance ads while I get the national deals


    Red Rifle

  13. @lionsnati0n, Chicago is actually named the Windy City for its politicians.

  14. That’s great because Andy Dalton will also be doing whatever he can to make sure Justin Fields is the week 1 starter

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