Report: Broncos were finalizing DaeSean Hamilton trade before injury

Denver Broncos v Atlanta Falcons
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Word of Broncos wide receiver DaeSean Hamilton‘s impending release broke on Thursday, but it was followed by reports that the Broncos were working to trade him before simply cutting him loose.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that the team had a deal in place with an unknown team, but it is likely to be scrapped given Friday’s news about Hamilton’s knee. Hamilton was injured while working out away from the team’s facility on Friday and is having an MRI to confirm the initial diagnosis of a torn ACL.

Per the report, the trade would have been finalized after this weekend’s rookie minicamp. If the ACL tear is confirmed, Hamilton will miss the season and likely go on the Broncos’ non-football injury reserve list.

The Broncos won’t be obligated to pay Hamilton’s $2.183 million salary since he was away from the facility. He joins right tackle Ja'Wuan James as Broncos players who have suffered serious injuries working out on their own this month.

8 responses to “Report: Broncos were finalizing DaeSean Hamilton trade before injury

  1. This dummy didn’t do himself any favors by working out on his own when he could have protected himself by doing the same thing at the team facility.
    I hope the NFLPA is quite pleased with itself now that another one of their players is going to lose his entire salary because of advice they gave him.

  2. I feel bad for the kid…losing out on money for working out? It’s not like he wrecked his motorcycle or something…

  3. This man, I would consider paying, at least partially. Not that he was a star but he was a team player. The exact opposite of Ju’Wuan James.

  4. Denver will release him and not pay him. To do otherwise might give James/NFLPA a leg to stand on regarding his situation.

    That should about do it for those players working out at non team facilities.

  5. kevines255 says:

    May 14, 2021 at 6:51 pm

    I feel bad for the kid…losing out on money for working out? It’s not like he wrecked his motorcycle or something…
    It’s not uncommon, ever worked for any of the major shipping companies in their warehouse? Its fast paced manual labor, before your shift you can come in pre-work and stretch with your area, its not paid time but if you pull a muscle or get hurt your covered if you cant work, if you do that same stretch at home and pull a muscle or get hurt and cant work your not covered.

  6. “kevines255 says: losing out on money for working out?”

    How do we know that…? It’s easy to claim because the player thinks it draws sympathy, so it’s no wonder when this happens the claim is always “I was working out”. That’s why the contracts are written the way they are, because it’s difficult if not impossible to prove how, why, when (not that it really matters). The bottom line is these players are being paid huge amounts of money to be available to perform, and they need to keep themselves healthy when not doing their job. Not unlike any other job, if you can’t do your job you don’t get paid.

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