Bruce Arians confirms Tom Brady’s struggled to learn the playbook


Tom Brady wasn’t kidding when he said that he struggled to learn the Tampa Bay playbook in 2020.

Via, Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians confirmed on Friday that Brady did indeed need some time to figure out a new offense after 20 years in New England.

Oh yeah, oh yeah,” Arians said, initially. He then elaborated as to when things began to fall together.

“Probably the Kansas City game,” Arians said. “The second, third, and fourth quarters [in the loss to the Chiefs] we started playing really, really well. From there on, we attacked. We took that attack-mode philosophy and I think we were on the same page from there on out.”

Although the Bucs lost to the Chiefs in the regular season, Tampa Bay emerged from their bye week ready to roll over everyone, winning four in a row to end the regular season and four playoffs games. Fittingly, they finished the year with a 31-9 win over the Chiefs.

So what does all of this mean for 2021? With Brady more comfortable and all 22 starters back, it means they’ll have a good chance to pick up where they left off — and to never look back.

19 responses to “Bruce Arians confirms Tom Brady’s struggled to learn the playbook

  1. I really have trouble believing that Tom Brady would have a problem learning anything related to football.

  2. Arians is such an attention hogging blowhard, idk how Brady deals with him. Lol at least BB pretended to be humble.

  3. I line seeing a team that wins the super bowl and can get all 22 starters back in place. It will be a good measuring stick to see how tough it really is to win back to back. A lot of times teams lose starters so it’s tough to compare apples to apples.

  4. To learn a new offense, and to win the super bowl the first year tells me Brady learned and mastered the playbook in record setting time. If record time is struggling, excuse me while I look up the definition of “struggled”.

  5. Football players aren’t smart? Who would have guessed such a thing?

  6. redlikethepig says:
    May 15, 2021 at 2:12 pm
    Football players aren’t smart? Who would have guessed such a thing?
    Gonna to go out on a limb you never played college or pro football? If the average person saw even a college playbook their head would spin, let alone an NFL one.

  7. This isn’t news to anyone who watched Bucs games. Brady had a slow start but really came on strong later in the season. BA and Brady are just being honest. Maybe a little bit to honest.

  8. Arians really doesnt have to say that about TB12 he’s a big loudmouth and the Buc’s didnt win the Super Bowl becuase of him at all. TB12 is the GOAT

  9. Everybody struggles to learn that offense, it took Carson Palmer and Andrew Luck 7-8 games to figure it out. It’s a complicated offense.

  10. I think “struggle” is the wrong term. It’s not like he had trouble studying it, it just needed time and a lot of reps, it’s not a surprise with how last offseason was.

  11. didnt hurt that Fournette transformed into his vintage self down the stretch. He filled that classic Patriots RB role of pass block, pound between the tackles, catch the dump offs in a way that I’m sure Brady appreciated.

  12. 40 TDs and a Super Bowl win is Brady “struggling.” They had a little rough stretch there… but yeah, sign me up for those kind of troubles.

  13. LOL, kinda funny, Not a fan of Brady or Arians but Arians will never pass up the opportunity to take a dig at someone. I guess Brady admitted it first but Arians (LOL) will never take the high road.

  14. All it took for the Bucs to run over the Chiefs was the Chiefs whole offensive line being out. That’s all.

  15. WOW, that just makes Brady that much more awesome!! You’re so awesome Tom!

  16. More like starting Kansas game, Arians gave up his Biscuit plays and let Tom call the plays that he is used to and like. The check down, the short passes etc.

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