Jaguars have Trevor Lawrence on a 30-40 passes per day pitch count


Quarterback Trevor Lawrence continues to rehab from offseason surgery on his non-throwing shoulder. He’s progressing well, and his NFL team is making sure he doesn’t overdo it.

Lawrence explained to reporters during Saturday’s rookie minicamp that he’s on a pitch count when it comes to his daily throwing.

“I really appreciate the staff here,” Lawrence said. “[They’re] just looking out for my best interest, trying to slowly get me back in game shape and throwing shape for practice, so I can go out there full-go whenever the whole team is back together. So, that’s been good for me. I want to get out there and just throw and go. But I think it’s better for me in the long run, just to take it slow and get acclimated — just because I’m still recovering from my left shoulder [surgery]. It’s feeling great, no complaints here. I’m making great progress. But I’ve still got to just be smart and take it easy. But yeah, I’m wanting to go out there and throw a lot, but we’re keeping it at around 30 to 40 balls, not including the warm-up. So, [we’re] keeping it light just to make sure I’m feeling good.”

Lawrence said that his shoulder generally feels good.

“I’m still being careful when I’m lifting, I think that’s probably the only limitation as of right now — it’s just not putting too much weight on it,” Lawrence said. “But as far as the repair, I mean, it’s healed. I’m a little over three months out from surgery, so the repair is healed. It’s doing great, I’ve got full range of motion, pretty much. I need to work on it a little bit, but I’m feeling great. So, we’re taking steps in the right direction for sure, just trying to make sure I’m good come Game One.”

He nevertheless wants to be back to 100 percent, and he knows that at some point he’ll get impatient.

“I mean, obviously that’s what I want to do right now,” Lawrence said. “But I know there’s a right way to do things and to be careful and put myself in the best position for this team. So, I’m trusting that. That’s — the medical staff, the coaches, everyone is on the same page. So, we’ve got a good plan, we know what we’re doing and I’m just trusting that. It won’t be long before I’m full-go, so I’m ready.”

The Jaguars are counting on Lawrence being ready to go when the regular season begins. There’s been no suggestion that he’s in danger of not being the starting quarterback from the start of his rookie season, just like there was no suggestion he wouldn’t be the first overall pick in the draft. The notion that there’s even going to be a competition between Lawrence and Gardner Minshew (who may not be there much longer, given that No. 15 may be needed for another player) or whoever else will be there. The Jags are all in with Lawrence, and they’ll go as far as he takes them, this year and beyond.

4 responses to “Jaguars have Trevor Lawrence on a 30-40 passes per day pitch count

  1. I feel terrible for Minshew. That kid is a winner. I just wish his arm talent was as high as the upper tier of the league. He’s got everything you’d ever want in a QB except that elite arm talent for strength and accuracy. I was really hoping he’d be the next low round QB to make a long term splash in the league. I suppose he’ll end up as a top tier back-up, but frankly I could see (or at least hope) he gets a legit chance to lead another team. Detroit will be needing a QB before long…even though that’s almost as bad as being traded to Washington (Synder-World).

  2. Minshew is an overrated goofball. Remember when he prepares for the Dolphins game by calling Fitzpatrick an ugly dude hiding behind his beard? Minshew could only talk about how cool his facial hair was. Miami obviously won big 31-13.

  3. Lawrence has a ways to go before he can switch the ball to his left hand a throw a pass the way Mahomes does.

  4. Wait, so Florio thinks they get rid of minshew just because he wears Tebows number

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