Bruce Arians: Rookie QB Kyle Trask looks “fantastic” at Bucs’ rookie minicamp

NFL: MAY 14 Buccaneers Rookie Minicamp
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Buccaneers rookie quarterback Kyle Trask vowed to compete every day in Tampa Bay, and so far head coach Bruce Arians has been more than pleased.

Arians said that Trask looked outstanding on the practice field at rookie minicamp, and if anything Arians needed to tell the coaching staff to back off and let Trask do his thing.

I thought he was great,” Arians said. “I thought he was fantastic. He’s got three guys coaching the s–t out of him on each play, so they need to calm down and let him go. I’m really pleased with where he’s at right now.”

Trask will likely get plenty of time to learn behind Tom Brady before he takes meaningful snaps in a real game. Arians seems to think Trask is a quarterback who’s going to make the most of that opportunity, and be ready when called upon, no matter how many years from now that is.

14 responses to “Bruce Arians: Rookie QB Kyle Trask looks “fantastic” at Bucs’ rookie minicamp

  1. Nothing he did in college suggests he won’t be a great pro QB. Trask was taken in the second round, so he’ll get opportunities. A first rounder basically has the job handed to him. The later you’re drafted, the fewer opportunities you’ll be given. The Bucs won’t need to acquire another QB. When Brady retires, Trask should be able to step right in.

  2. Looking forward to seeing Trask take over when Brady retires in 5 or 6 years. Go Bucs.

  3. Breaking news … a coach says a guy he drafted looks fantastic. Who could have predicted this?

  4. Careful Kyle. Brady is going to lock you out of the TB12 facility like he did to Jimmy Garroppolo.

  5. What a great position this guy is in. No pressure at all, just come to work everyday and soak up as much as he can from Tom. The coach loves you to.

  6. Hopefully He will continue to impress and live up to becoming one of the NFL top qb!

  7. From what little they showed on local sports, Kyle Trask was hitting his receivers in stride. This young man is in a great position. Unlike many QB who were drafted in early rounds, there is no pressure on Trask to instantly preform at a high level. He can work at his own pace to learn, and observe from Tom Brady and the coaching staff. His main focus should be the win the backup QB to Brady, and be ready to go in if necessary. Like Tom Brady, Kyle Trash appears to be a student of the game. He learns by watching, and then applying.

  8. Trask is in a great situation. The Bucs are so loaded, the offense didn’t skip a beat with Gabbert.

  9. This is perfect. Watched Trask a lot at Florida. One of the best I’ve seen, but for some reason, just didn’t get the hype. Brady 2.0

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