David Culley has nothing to say about Deshaun Watson

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When Texans coach David Culley last spoke to reporters, podcast quotes had just emerged from the first-year coach indicating for the first time that the team was willing to trade quarterback Deshaun Watson. During the press conference, however, Culley tried to put the toothpaste back in the toothpaste holder.

All of that happened before the first of 22 lawsuits were filed against Watson. In Culley’s first media session since the days before the flood of litigation commenced, Culley sang a far different tune about Watson.

Asked by reporters on Saturday whether Culley expects Watson to attend mandatory minicamp or OTAs, Culley didn’t offer the usual, “Well, the OTAs are voluntary, so it’s up to the player” response. Instead, Culley declined to talk Watson.

“We have nothing to say about that situation at this time,” Culley said. “Cal [McNair] and ownership a few weeks back indicated about how our organization feels about the situation. I think when [G.M.] Nick [Caserio] was on not long ago, he mentioned that he also mentioned that the legal process is in affect right now and we’re going to respect that and go from there.”

Asked again whether Culley expects to see Watson as all this offseason, Culley said, “I have nothing to say about that at this time.”

Culley’s comments come after several days of legal maneuvering that seemingly emerged in the aftermath of failed efforts to settle the 22 cases. The lawyers are fighting over whether the terms of any settlement will be kept confidential, with Watson’s attorney, Rusty Hardin, insisting that nothing should be made secret. Buzbee, according to Hardin, wants everyone to be muzzled.

The lawyers also are fighting over which lawyer moved first in trying to initiate settlement talks. Objective evidence obtained by ESPN.com suggests that Buzbee’s team made the first move.

17 responses to “David Culley has nothing to say about Deshaun Watson

  1. Watson obviously has a problem and usually when a player messes up there original team cuts ties but there are always 3,4 or 5 chances givin to a player when there good. Like my Lions trading Stafford for draft picks the Texans would get a big needed boost getting draft picks for him if there smart. By the time the Texans are ready to win at this point Watson will be old.

  2. All the other fan bases are happy NOT to sign this guy. Terrible situation for sure

  3. Should have traded him while the market was scalding hot. Now you get at most 2 first rounders, instead of 4.

  4. At this point, until the cases are settled, no team will trade for Watson. Why would they trade for him if they have no idea if he will ever play again?

  5. Trade him to Pittsburgh. The Steelers were okay with Ben’s antics so they should be fine with Watson’s. Otherwise, just cut him and move on. You can’t have this type of distraction on your team and expect to win.

  6. justsaying says:
    May 16, 2021 at 4:13 pm
    Who’s David Culley again?


    The only guy they could find to coach that dumpster fire. I don’t blame the guy for taking the job as this was the only team who brought him in for an interview.

    Good luck with being a 65 yr old first time head coach. My guess is he retires after this season.

  7. I’m confused. Ussually during these settlements it’s usually the accused demanding the settlement and details remain sealed not made public the other way around. What the heck’s going on?

  8. I have hears many things in the reports as and the man asked the women to do. Some of you dudes out there my like that sort of thing. A word of advise, do that to yourself. Can you imagine what was going through those women’s minds??

  9. I can appreciate Culley’s statement of “no comment”…Regarding Watson, we are talking about a guy who 3 months ago- wanted nothing to do with Houston and now has had his unique technique of pursuing women exposed to the world…to borrow from Robert California -and I know this website loves a good pop-culture reference- “Sometimes the flowers arrange themselves, Jim”.

  10. Nobody is giving up any draft picks for this guy while these off field issues hang over his head. Just not happening and there probably was never a realistic chance to trade him in the first place. Let’s stop talking about it like it was ever a real option. Had the Texans traded him and then all of this came out, they would be absolutely black balled by the other 31 owners.

  11. Cue Leslie Nielsen “people please there’s nothing to see here. Move along.” As the three ring circus in Houston continues playing.

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