Former Austin Peay player duped into thinking he had tryout with Falcons

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Juantarius Bryant, a defensive back from Austin Peay, was duped into believing he had a tryout with the Falcons at their rookie minicamp this weekend. When he arrived at Flowery Branch, though, he learned the truth.

Bryant was the victim of a cruel hoax, Michael Rothstein of ESPN reports.

Someone texted Bryant from an Atlanta area code pretending to be defensive coordinator Dean Pees.

“I do not know or understand why this has happened,” Bryant wrote in a Twitter message, via Rothstein. “But I do know that everything happens for a reason. Yes, this was heartbreaking for me, but just another stepping stone that I am not afraid to admit or overcome.

“At the end of the day, this will not make or break me. I will still continue to fight for my dreams because I know it’s what I really want.”

Bryant played 43 games for Austin Peay and totaled 242 tackles, 8.5 tackles for loss, eight pass breakups, three forced fumbles and an interception.

21 responses to “Former Austin Peay player duped into thinking he had tryout with Falcons

  1. I have to ask, did he have no contact with his agent after getting the text?

  2. I’m all for a good prank, but not only is this not in slightest bit funny, it is extremely messed up.

  3. Certainly worthy of a try-out. Sounds like a good character guy with ability.

    Let’s go Peay!

  4. Wouldve been decent of the Falcons to give him at least a workout. What was there to lose, and just maybe find a practice squad player. A hungry dog is the most dangerous dog.

  5. Why won’t just give him a chance? I mean it is the Falcons afterall… repeat, the Falcons…

  6. Normally I support everything having to be earned, but in this situation it feels like the team should fit him in for a tryout at some point, that’s really messed up to play with someone’s dream like that.

  7. Someone should give him a try out at least. No harm in giving him a shot somewhere

  8. I feel bad for the kid, but … does this story seem a bit odd to anyone? He has an agent, and the agent doesn’t double check with the Falcons to make sure about the tryout. Furthermore, if we take a step back … why would any team send direct messages to a player for a tryout. Wouldn’t they communicate with the agent? I don’t know. This seems like an agent who isn’t really ready to be an agent, if the story is true.

  9. I hope the Falcons or some other team will give this man an honest tryout. He sounds mature enough to accept the results, good or bad, and after that cruel trick I think he deserves it.

  10. Glad to see Mr Bryant rise above such a stupid, mean spirited prank. The guy is clearly passionate about playing, I wish him nothing but success.

  11. That was mean. But, when he is much older, Mr. Bryant will have a funny story to tell.

  12. That’s not a prank. It’s one of the nastiest, most spiteful things to do to someone trying to make it. Probably done out of jealousy. So glad to see the guy is handling it with class and grace. Shame on whoever did this.

  13. That was cruel, I hope that his dream of playing does happen. Whoever did this should be prosecuted.

  14. If true, what a terrible, sad human being you must be to do this to a kid.
    Your life is so miserable that you would literally crush a kid/young mans dreams.


  15. Would be a clever way to shoehorn your way into getting a tryout.

  16. I’m going to go ahead and say it…’s possible he’s lying. Nobody has thought maybe the kid tried to scam his way into a tryout? Go ahead and say I’m crazy. But it wouldn’t surprise me even a little.

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