Matt Nagy reiterates that “Andy Dalton is our starter”

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants
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Justin Fields made a good first impression at the rookie minicamp but apparently not good enough for first-team reps yet.

The team’s first-round draft choice has not changed the opinion of Bears coach Matt Nagy, who reiterated Sunday that Andy Dalton will begin Phase 2 of organized team activities as the starter.

Andy is the starter,” Nagy said, via NFL Media. “Andy’s going to get the one reps.”

The Bears signed Dalton on March 16, so he still is learning the offense. The 11-year veteran “is essentially like a rookie as well,” Nagy said.

Dalton, 33, played nine seasons with the Bengals before joining the Cowboys last season after Cincinnati drafted Joe Burrow with the No. 1 overall choice. Now, at some point, Fields will replace Dalton. The only question is: When?

“I know that time is the biggest question right now for Justin, and I completely understand that, because there is an excitement,” Nagy said. “There is that want for all of us to see what Justin can do. We’d be lying to you if we didn’t say that or believe that. But we’ve got to make sure as we go through this thing that we also do what’s best for the Bears and for Justin.”

10 responses to “Matt Nagy reiterates that “Andy Dalton is our starter”

  1. To many rookie quarterbacks fail when they get thrown into the fire the year. Most should be an understudy the 1st year. There are a few exceptions.

  2. Nagy buys another year if he holds Fields out this year, he can tell management, wait till next year!!!!

  3. “Andy is the starter and he’ll get the one reps” is coach-speak for “Justin Fields will start this year…I just don’t know which week it’ll be yet.”

  4. Here we go again… why do they even bother making these proclamations? It only makes them look like liars and full of crap when things change. Is anyone even pressuring them to proclaim starters???

  5. It’s hard to picture an offense that Andy Dalton would excel at which would also cater to Justin Fields’ strengths. Not intended as a putdown for either player but they’re just so incredibly different how can the same offense work well for both of them?

  6. Was this before or after he said they were gonna build their offense around Justin Fields? Cuz I’m pretty sure he said that too.

  7. We’ve sucked for years. We can wait for Week 17/18 to see him start.

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