Derek Jeter sells Tampa megamansion that Tom Brady was renting


Yes, it’s a slow news day.

But it’s still news that baseball legend and Marlins CEO Derek Jeter has sold the megamansion that Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady and family rented from Jeter when Brady moved to Tampa last year.

Listed for $29 million, the 22,000-square-foot home sold for $22.5 million. More than a decade ago, Jeter bought the property for $6.3 million, tore down the existing house, and built a new one there.

Although news accounts of the sale suggest that Brady and family were still living there (the realtor told the Tampa Bay Times that Brady and family were accommodating with requests of have the property “show-ready”), reports from late last year indicated that the Bradys were close to purchasing a $7.5 million house in Tampa. Indeed, the New York Post indicated that Brady’s brood had moved out of Jeter’s place in September.

Brady was paying Jeter an estimated $75,000 to $100,000 in rent.

Regardless of where Brady and family are or will be, one thing is clear — with the exception of the Week Four showdown against the Patriots, they won’t be going back to Boston or anywhere in the northeast.