Lions WR Amon-Ra St. Brown: Dropping to fourth round left chip on my shoulder

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There are plenty of players who have cited their draft position as a motivational tool after they went later than they would have hoped when they entered the NFL.

Some of them don’t ever wind up making teams regret passing on them, but others — Tom Brady may be the most prominent — make it part of their success stories. Lions wide receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown is hoping to be in the latter category.

St. Brown went in the fourth round this year and said at this weekend’s rookie minicamp that he’s using the names of the receivers taken before him as fuel for his rookie season.

“I’m never going to forget the 15 receivers that went before me in the draft,” St. Brown said, via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press. “That’s kind of the chip that I have on my shoulder coming in, everything that I do. Whenever I’m thinking about anything, that just comes back to my mind and it just motivates me to do more.

St. Brown said he’s “ready to take someone’s job,” but little is settled in a Lions receiving corps that was totally remodeled this offseason. That should help his bid to show the rest of the league that he should have come off the board earlier.

8 responses to “Lions WR Amon-Ra St. Brown: Dropping to fourth round left chip on my shoulder

  1. The number of players with self imposed chips on their shoulders must be easily in the thousands by now.

  2. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
    Every receiver drafted outside the first round has a chip.

  3. Who? You may think you are something because you were the big man at USC but this is the NFL. You’ve proved nothing yet. Talk is cheap

  4. 3 minor league pitchers (3 injuries), 2 NFL players (10+ years), 2 pro golfers, 1 tennis pro and a two time Olympian with two Silvers, in my extended family. The common theme is compete against yourself. Law of diminishing returns. You can only control your own effort.

    The coaches decide on competition (who starts, draft slot) and that’s based on perception from practice/game film to projection. If you ‘need’ competition to maintain effort, like coaches spew out all the time, then you don’t get it. Coaches know that most people don’t. Brady is punking everyone. Still bitter about Henson and QB’s no one can name? Not a chance. He’s a workaholic who competes against himself.

    So he’s going to work harder or continue to work hard or whatever because other’s were wrong? What happens if he makes all Pro 3 years in a row? Brady proved what happens when you look in the mirror.

  5. Unreal….. what part of “show up”- “prove it” -” BEFORE you talk”- don’t young people get these days?????

    I like confidence… I like competitiveness…I like a baseline of self- confidence…… But please…way the talk first…..

    Then when you say something it will count and be listen to.

  6. The ONLY WR the Lions are returning from last year is 5th round pick Quintez Cepheus who played spot duty as WR#4. The “Now Hiring” sign is big and brightly lit in Detroit and are a lot of open positions available – no need to “steal” anyone’s job here.

  7. For the Lions sake lets hope he is better then his broher in GB who has done nada for three years but collect pay checks. He big but has lousy hands, route running is suspect but they keep the guy on the roster. They just cant cut anyone. It makes them look like, oh we made a mistake.

  8. Has a chip and apparently lacks skills. Hence the reason for not being picked in the first round

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