Report: Nearly 70 Broncos players present for Phase Two of offseason program


As Phase Two of the offseason program begins, the stakes have been raised. The stakes are especially high in Denver, where the Broncos have become the unofficial focal point for the ongoing fight between the NFL and the NFL Players Association.

According to Mike Klis of, nearly 70 Broncos players are present. Klis also “observes near perfect offensive attendance.”

It remains to be seen whether and to what extent participation rates are that high, or higher, in other NFL cities. In Denver, there can be no misunderstanding as to the potential consequences of failing to show up — if players plan to work out on their own away from the team facility.

Klis notes that the Broncos’ primary NFLPA representatives — kicker Brandon McManus and safety Justin Simmons — have not yet been seen.

18 responses to “Report: Nearly 70 Broncos players present for Phase Two of offseason program

  1. A colleague losing 10 million dollars will have an a amazing effect on turnout.

  2. “the unofficial focal point for the ongoing fight between the NFL and the NFL Players Association”

    I’m not sure you can even call it a fight. This is all clearly spelled out in the CBA that both sides agreed to. The NFLPA has simply taken to advising players to violate the CBA and that has went exactly as one might imagine it would.

  3. Using Covid for a reason not to show up is a sorry excuse. You’re going to work in a few months anyways with all these people that IS mandatory, so what is the actual point other than sleeping in and being lazy?

  4. If I was a Bronco’s player, I would be HIGHLY motivated to attend ANY team activity.

    Funny how that works.

  5. I’m shocked I tell you … shocked that players showed up when they realized it was in their best interest.

    I’m still waiting to see if the NFLPA is going to try to take legal issue with James’s release. My bet is they want to avoid any further embarrassment but i’ve been wrong before.

  6. Similar reaction to when the first caveman touched fire and the rest slowly backed away from it.

  7. you have to wonder what the heck is in the heads of the NFLPA? IMO its really a long term move to get the players in unison to stay out so they can eliminate OTA’s completely and just have training camps later in the year.
    I mean to tell a young man train on your own and oh, if you get hurt your career and contract may be cancelled and were not paying for your demise either.

  8. Glad to see 70 players thinking for themselves, rather than follow their union blindly into the ditch.

    Bet some are wondering if all those union dues are really worth it.

  9. What I don’t understand about the Union initially taking the stand to tell players not to show up is that there’s no benefit. You’re going to work out anyway so why not do it while getting paid or at least insured against injury. The only reason they advised players not to do it is so that they can stick it to the league. That was a bad move.

  10. Disappointed with the Broncos throwing a pile of cash at Justin Simmons then he can’t even show up to work??

  11. Should be more than that, looking at the rest of the teams around the league smh

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