Robert Mathis set to join Colts Ring of Honor on November 28

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Robert Mathis was supposed to go into the Colts Ring of Honor last year, but the team announced in July that they would postpone the ceremony until 2021 due to limits on fan attendance due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Colts announced the rescheduled date on Monday and it will feature the Colts hosting a quarterback Mathis squared off against in some big games during his 14 seasons with the Colts.

Mathis will be inducted into the Ring of Honor when the Colts host the Buccaneers on November 28. Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady was a frequent thorn in the side of the Colts during the years when Mathis starred in Indianapolis.

Brady accounts for five of Mathis’ 128.5 career sacks over the regular season and postseason. David Carr, Blaine Gabbert, and Matt Schaub are the only quarterbacks Mathis sacked more during his playing career.

Mathis’ induction will make him the 17th member of the Colts Ring of Honor.