Ryan Kerrigan bids farewell to Washington

Washington Football Team v Philadelphia Eagles
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There’s currently no indication that veteran pass rusher Ryan Kerrigan will sign a new contract with a new team. There’s every indication he won’t be signing a new contract with his old team.

Kerrigan has posted a farewell to Washington on social media.

“I’ll never be able to sum up what these past 10 years have meant to me in an Instagram post, but what I can say is that they have been some of the best of my life,” Kerrigan wrote. “I hope you had as much fun watching me as I did playing for you. Thank you, Washington, for everything.”

The 16th overall pick in the 2011 draft, Kerrigan is the all-time franchise sack leader with 95.5. He also has made it to four Pro Bowls.

Kerrigan became a free agent in March. Wherever his career continues, it apparently won’t continue in the only place he’s ever played pro football.

10 responses to “Ryan Kerrigan bids farewell to Washington

  1. Man, if only he had a little more bend coming off the edge, probably would have doubled his sack total. Hope he doesn’t stay on the east tho.

  2. Good dude. I wish he was staying but I understand both sides of the situation. But please sir, go to the AFC.

  3. A pro and a leader. I am sure that whatever he does, in or out of football, he will be successful.

  4. Dang. Thanks #91. Selfless team-player. You’re rare bird bro. Good luck!

  5. A Great WFT warrior….Durable…a number one draft pick that actually panned out!!

  6. As good a leader as he was, one has to admit, Kerrigan wasn’t the same player and was a liability in some situations. A number of big plays against the defense occurred when he was in the game, getting pushed out of his lane or getting too far up field leaving wide open lanes for mobile QB’s to take advantage of, there’s a reason he’s still a FA and its that other DC have noticed just what I’ve stated.

  7. Eagles fan here. Kerrigan was pretty consisent. He consistently got most of his sacks off the Eagles. Having said that, he is a good steady DE. Hope he has great success in another division. All the best to you.

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