Ryan Kerrigan signs with Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles v Washington Football Team
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Ryan Kerrigan is heading to Philadelphia.

Kerrigan, the veteran pass rusher who has spent his entire 10-year NFL career in Washington, announced on Instagram today that he’s signing with the Eagles.

“I know I probably wasn’t your favorite player over the past decade, but Philadelphia Eagles fans I’m fired up to be playing for you guys now!” Kerrigan wrote.

Kerrigan previously announced that he would be leaving Washington, which drafted him with the 16th overall pick in 2011. Last year he played in all 16 games but was in on a career-low 38 percent of the defensive snaps. He recorded 5.5 sacks.

20 responses to “Ryan Kerrigan signs with Eagles

  1. I love this move! I always appreciated the way this guy plays, even as an eagles fan. Plays hard and doesn’t run his mouth much. I’m not sure how much he he has left in the tank, but it can’t hurt to have a professional like him on the squad. I’m hoping he has a Chris long-type impact on our pass rush.

  2. WFT should have re-signed him for depth. But he probably wants to start. Will he start for Eagles?

  3. We didn’t like you because you always played well against us! We love ourself d-line rotation and he will definitely fit in! He will likely split with Barnett, which unfortunately/fortunately means he will start at some point. I could also see him slide inside on situational d. I cant remember how well he was in coverage or if he ever was? But if he is good I could see him covering screens and TE’s and giving Cox a little bit of a break haha.

  4. Sad day for fans of Washington. Kerrigan finally got to get back to his natural down defensive end position last season and was poised to be special… if it wasn’t for those amazingly gifted youngsters. Best of luck to you, Ryan.

  5. The iggles need guys for tanking the last game of the season ,great tanking move !

  6. Nice! Probably the best free agency pickup since Blount in 2017. He can sack the QB. Heck at even 5.5 sacks he would’ve been one of the Eagles top 3 last season! Great signing!

  7. 32 years old, so I’ll keep my expectations in check.

    But DANG if this guy wasn’t a total headache for the Eagles for years. Only one year of the Kerrigan / Young combo.

    Should be interesting to see how this works out.

  8. Who ever thinks this guy is washed up must not have seen him play! Dudes an animal,plays hard on every down and relentlessly rushes the QB! Only had 5 sacks last year because he played a reserve role!

  9. And so ends the fantasy of some WFT fans of him re-signing to play a backup role. Most of us knew that he was still good enough to start for some other NFL teams; we’ll see if the Eagles are one of them.

  10. I hated him in Washington for the same reason that I will love him in Philly.

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